Golf Hammock Owner’s Association Meeting
February 4, 2015


Members present:  Hardric McMillon, Judy Trier, Rose Chupka Cookman, Connie Wilhite, John McAngus, Wendy Hardy.

Excused absence:  Shirley Kuznarik, Sandy Todd


Adoption of the Agenda:  The meeting came to order at 7:00 p.m.  President Hardric McMillon requested a motion to adopt the meeting’s agenda as presented to Board members.  Connie Wilhite made the motion and it was seconded by Judy Trier.  Motion passed unanimously.


Minutes:  President Hardric McMillon reported that the minutes from the December 2014 were tabled until the March meeting due to lack of a quorum.


Report of officers:

President - Hardric McMillon,382-9579,

Hardric informed Board and homeowners present, that for personal reasons, Sandy Todd was stepping down as Treasurer.  Sandy will continue as a Board member and as Committee Chairman for Entrances/Landscaping/Lots.  Judy Trier volunteered to be the new treasurer.  Hardric requested a motion to accept the nomination of Judy as treasurer.  John McAngus made the motion and it was seconded by Connie Wilhite.  The motion was unanimously passed by the Board members present.


Hardric then requested a motion to establish the 2015 GHOA Workshop and General Meeting schedule.  The Board decided to keep the meetings on the first Wednesday of the month.  A motion was made by Judy Trier to accept the schedule.  It was seconded by Connie Wilhite.  The motion passed unanimously by the Board members present.


2015 Workshop and General Meetings are as follows:

    First Wednesday of the month

    Workshop:  5:45 pm to 6:45 pm

    General Meeting:  7:00 pm


Vice President and Treasurer – Judy Trier,260-242-0612,

Because the Board did not consider it a good idea to have many aspects of our treasurer’s work held hostage to there being a homeowner willing to take on the job, your Board decided to hire our accountant, Pella & Associates, to assume responsibility for many of the duties our past treasurers have performed.   This change took place effective January, 1, 2015.  As a result of this change we needed to transition from our past practices to ones that will be compatible with an outside party handling, among other things, our assessment collections and bill paying duties.  Because this means setting up 772 owner accounts within QuickBooks, the process is not yet completed but should be fully working before our next monthly meeting.


My report for the onth of January, 2015 is based on manual recordkeeping which we feel is accurate, but may differ slightly from the results our accountants will eventually come up with.


We sent out 772 assessment notices and by the end of January we had received payment from 664 of our owners.  This week, Monday-Wednesday, we have received an additional 25 assessments making our total as of this meeting, 689.  Last year at this point we had received 685 so we are right on track with last year.  Therefore, looking only at January, we collected $ 109,500 for January and interest income of $ 7, for a total income for the month of $ 109,507.


Our paid expenses totaled $ 7,500 with $ 2,341 for common ground maintenance, $ 1,078 related to our annual meeting proxy mailing and $ 872 for our assessment mailing.  In addition, our electric bill for the month was $ 778, clubhouse rent was $ 400, yard sale security arranged through the Sheriff’s office was $ 240, front entrance work (all performed before the end of 2014 but billed afterwards) was $ 1,724 and office expenses of $ 67.  Obviously we are in good financial shape and are prepared for the cost of our paving project which will take place this summer. 


As noted before, we sent out 772 annual assessment notices, and have thus far received 689 back.   We want to thank all of you who paid your assessment promptly in January. Our efforts now go to the collection of the remaining outstanding assessments which in the past has proven to be a very time consuming task.    We will keep you posted.  Report has been filed and audited but not approved.


Secretary – Rose Chupka Cookman, 385-2402,

I welcome the opportunity to serve as the secretary and ask for patience as I begin the task at hand.  If I record something incorrectly, please contact me as soon as possible so I can adjust the minutes accordingly.  I am also responsible for seeing that the newsletter is published in a timely manner. Meeting/workshop schedules will be posted on the outside boards of the clubhouse (both sides), as well as the two boards inside the clubhouse, on the GHOA website, and in the newsletters.  Signs will be posted at the main and west entrances informing homeowners of general monthly meetings. 



Reports by Committees:

Common Grounds:  John McAngus, 440-935-4708, 

I have nothing to report for the month of January.  I was recently nominated to the board for the Golf Hammock Homeowner’s Association once again in charge of Common Grounds.


Violations/Complaints:  Judy Trier, 260-242-0612,

Six violation letters were written during the month of January. 

1 - ATV vehicle and misc. items beside garage

2 - Trailers in driveway or yard

1 - Upkeep of planting beds during summer

1 - Sod for front yard as agreed in closing of property

1 - Roaming cats


I stopped at two homes with signs in their yards for advertising companies and explained our restrictions and had them remove the signs. When calling or writing me about a complaint, please give me the street name and house number. The more information you can give me the quicker I can get to the request. Thank you all for your cooperation.  Please send all future complaints or suggestions to Judy Trier at or call 260-242-0612.


Entrances/Landscaping/Lots: Sandy Todd,385-4774,

Entrances:  Sprinkler system at the main entrance was repaired because it needed much overhaul as eight lines were found broken, fifty-two sprays plus two rotors needed, as well as a new timer.  This was all found during a malfunction sighted by a homeowner. 

Landscaping: Twenty-two oaks have been trimmed along Hammock Road since sight was restricted at the West Entrance to Hammock Road.


Lakes/Clubhouse: Wendy Hardy,414-3727,

Clubhouse - Nothing to report for the month of January.

Lakes – A homeowner called about growth in Lake Clara; Aquatic Weed Control was called to check out the situation.


Architecture:  Shirley Kuznarik, 382-3656,

New Dock:

I visited the Lake Clara area to see if there were existing docks and there are.  

Based on my findings, approved the addition of a new dock to be added 8’ x 10’.

The dock is to be built and installed by the homeowner.


In addition, I want to thank John McAngus for his assistance with this request.  Respectfully submitted by, Shirley Kuznarik


Roads/Signs/Lights/Culverts:  Hardric McMillon, 382-9579,

1.  Sanded and painted sign posts located at:

          -- Sandwedge Way and Chip-it Way

          -- Sandwedge Court and Sandwedge Way

          -- Waterwood and Golf Haven Terrace

          -- Golf Haven Terrace and Sugar Pine Circle

(Some signs were also cleaned).


2. Installed one sign “Children at play” at Sandwedge Way and Sandwedge Court. 


3.   Estimated paving scheduled for 2015:  Bids will be requested for:  Circle around the Club House, Lost Ball Court, Par Road and 9th Tee Court.


Thanks to Curtis Passafume and Don Brewer for their assistance.


Newsletter:  Rose Chupka Cookman, 385-2402,

Since there was a short time between the January and February meetings, turnover of duties between incoming/outgoing secretaries, and time for January minutes to be reviewed and published to the community, a combined January/February newsletter will be published.  Millie Grime submitted the January annual meeting minutes and I submitted the January reorganization meeting minutes for newsletter publication.


This combined newsletter will be sent to the printer during the week of February 9.  The newsletter will be mailed and placed on the GHOA website the week of February 23.


Data Base/Directory/Website:  Connie Wilhite, 658-1854,

Shout Out:  To date, we have received 331 signed consent forms. If, at some point, you change your e-mail address, please let us know in writing the new address and we will update our records. Please be assured your e-mail will only be used for the Shout Out Program, not general information. If you have not submitted a signed consent form or do not have one, you may either send an email giving your consent and be sure to actually identify the e-mail address in the body of the e-mail you wish to use or by dropping a note in the lock box on the club house door. If handwritten, please be sure it is legible. Phone calls cannot be accepted as consent as a written record needs to be kept.


Directory – 2016:  Although it is almost a year away, this is a reminder that updated, changed, or corrected information needs to be forwarded (unless you have already done so) via e-mail ( or a note dropped (legible) in the lockbox on the clubhouse door. Information cannot be accepted over the phone as a written record needs to be submitted.


Visitations:  Ellyn Scholl-Lose, 385-6294, and Trish Borsch, 471-3737,

There were eight visitations.


Neighborhood Watch:  Volunteer needed.


President Hardric McMillon called for a motion to accept the reports as presented.  Judy Trier made a motion and Wendy Hardy seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously by Board members present.


Old Business

1.  As previously discussed in earlier minutes, bids were accepted and the amount of $10,000 was budgeted for 2015 to hire a new bookkeeper.  Pella and Associates, 136 S. Ridgewood Drive, Sebring, came in as the lowest bid for an estimated annual fee of $8,200 (approximately $685 per month).  Bookkeeping services would include:  paying bills, making bank deposits, preparing the annual assessment invoice to the homeowners, QuickBooks data entry, including assessment billing and receipt of payments, monthly bank reconciliations.  Pella would maintain the QuickBooks file at their office and update the program to a newer version for improved invoicing options.  Property owner information will be maintained in the program.  Weekly, the GHOA treasurer (acting as liaison) would deliver bills to Pella for payment.  All bills submitted to Pella will have received prior approval by the appropriate GHOA committees.  Checks for deposit will be delivered to Pella’s office.  Bill payments will be made online.  The hourly billing rate would be $95 per hour.


Pella’s estimated time on specific reports and transactions are as follows:


January-March 2015:           

Receiving and recording paid: eight hours per month

($760 monthly; $2,280 annually)

Second notice mailing:  three hours 

($285 annually)

(Postage and envelopes will be billed at cost.)



Monthly bookkeeping, bank reconciliation and financial statement compilation ($190 monthly; $2,280 annually)

Set up and maintain property owner lists and delinquent fees, if any in QuickBooks ($555 annually)

Annual US Tax Return, Form 1120-H ($500 annually)

Annual 1099/1096 ($100 annually)

Annual budget work: two hours ($190 annually)

Florida annual report ($95, annually)


December 2015 invoicing for 772 property owners: fifteen hours which includes property owner updates ($1,425 annually)

Postage, envelopes and labels ($490 annually)


Hardric requested a motion be made to accept Pella and Associates proposal.  John McAngus made the motion and  Connie Wilhite seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously by Board members present.


2.  Board members discussed at the reorganization meeting on January 17, 2015 that common area at the end of Bogey Boulevard was being used to dump yard waste.  Judy Trier and John McAngus visited the area and determined a sign be posted in that area as follows:  sign should be approximate 20 x 30 “Private Property, No Dumping” --- In addition, Judy will check with Lawn Masters of Highlands County (our current lawn mowers on contract with GHOA) to see how much it would cost to mow the area in question.


3.  In ongoing discussions, Judy Trier will work with our lawyer, Mark Breed, to determine what specific types of action can be taken for residents that are non-compliant to GHOA by-laws, covenants, and restrictions and report back on what she learns.


4.  February 14, 2015 Yard Sale:  Judy Trier reported that 28 people have signed up for the yard sale and she was able to locate one patrol officer to handle traffic control for Hammock Road.  Judy was unable to locate a security company in the area that had a security officer available for hire as was suggested at the January 17 reorganization meeting).

Judy is looking for volunteers to assist her on Saturday, February 14, 2015 from 7:30 – 10:30 am.  If anyone can assist her at “dawn” to help park cars, Judy would appreciate that assistance as well.  Volunteers will set up at the West Entrance and along Lost Ball to assist in parking cars.


Judy requested that homeowners only use the Main Entrance on Saturday morning because of the crowds coming for the Yard Sale.  Judy requested that a motion be made to allow for the Shout Out program to be implemented on the morning of the yard sale to alert homeowners of congestion at the west entrance and to use the main gate.  Connie Wilhite made the motion and John McAngus seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously by the Board members present. 


5.  John McAngus presented two bids to fix the drainage problem at Lake Clara.  Excavation Point ($1,218.00) and M&E Precision Construction ($771.10).  John was unable to obtain a third bid since other companies were not interested in the project.  The work to be completed would include one sheet of 2”x2” grating to cover culvert overflow box, miscellaneous items to fasten grating to concrete overflow box and labor to remove existing pieces of pipe on concrete overflow box and fasteners and replace with grating with 2”x2” square slots for water to flow through and fasten it to overflow box.  Hardric requested that a motion be made to accept the lower proposal by M&E Precision.  Judy Trier made the motion and it was seconded by Connie Wilhite.  It was passed unanimously by Board members present.  (Note: Prior to publication of this newsletter, it was discovered that the Board noted at the workshop but forgot to mention at the general meeting that a Board member has a family member employed by M&E Precision.)


New Business:

1.  President Hardric McMillon presented a letter he prepared to William Handley, Chairman of the County Board of Commission for Sebring dated February 3, 2015.  (This letter was in regards to his first letter sent on February 18, 2014 to Greg Harris, Chairman at the time of the County Board of Commission.)

The 2015 letter was read by Vice President Judy Trier as follows:


“Golf Hammock Home Owner’s Board continues to receive many complaints from residents about speeding in the Golf Hammock Community.  Since these are private roads, sheriff deputies are not allowed to issue enforceable citations to speeding violators in accordance with the State statue 2013-316-006.  However, the governing body (county commission) can enter into an agreement to allow traffic control jurisdiction over these roads.  This agreement can allow the sheriff department to issue enforceable citations while patrolling this community.  Please inform us of the process by which we can obtain this waiver.  Attached is a copy of a letter I sent last year but I never received a reply.  Your cooperation is most appreciated.  I can be reached at 382-9579 or  Sincerely, Hardric McMillon, President of the Board”  


This letter was discussed at length in both the workshop and the general meeting.  At the workshop, the Board recognized and discussed the letter’s intent:  to identify the procedure to request a waiver allowing routine sheriff patrols in the GH neighborhood.  It is understood by the Board that if such a request were granted, the frequency of the patrols would be determined by the Sheriff’s department.  GHOA would have no input on their schedule.  The Board agreed to entertain a motion on the floor.  During the general meeting, Hardric McMillon requested a motion be made to send the letter.  The motion was made by John McAngus and seconded by Connie Wilhite.  It was unanimously voted by Board members present.


Homeowners present at the general meeting and resident comments:

Homeowners present who signed in at the meeting:

Al Pasinella, Tom Senior, Millie Anderson, Dennis Reid, Dick Smith, Gary Roberts Sr., Richard Johnson, Bob and Deanne Lewis, Joyce Rowe, Judy Ferry, Jim Cookman, and Lois Worthington.


Homeowner comments:

Homeowners provided comments as agenda items were presented.  

  1. When the M&E Precision Construction bid was approved by the Board to fix the drainage at Lake Clara, a homeowner commented that he was experienced in drainage matters and their bid was reasonable for the work required and they did a good job.

  2. Clarity was requested why a “Children at Play” sign was installed.  The explanation was that a homeowner requested it so vehicles can be cautious in that area since children are present.

  3. A question was asked on the purpose of a workshop.  It was explained that the workshop is a prelude to the general meeting where Board members discuss agenda items to be presented at the general meeting.  Homeowners are invited to attend, but are requested to refrain from commenting until the general meeting.

  4. Comments were given on the Board’s decision to send a letter to the County Board of Commission asking for the process to obtain a waiver to allow sheriff patrols inside the community. Some residents were in favor; while others were not.  Board members reiterated the intent of the letter was to learn of the process and any information found will be shared at a future meeting.


The Board secretary announced that the next meeting will be held at the Clubhouse on Wednesday, March 4 (Workshop 5:45-6:45; followed by the general meeting at 7:00 pm).


Hardric requested a motion be made to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was made by Judy Trier and seconded by Rose Chupka Cookman.  The meeting ended at approximately 7:50 p.m. 


Submitted by, Rose Chupka Cookman, Secretary