Golf Hammock Owner’s Association Meeting
March 4, 2015

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Vice President Judy Trier.


Members present: Judy Trier, Rose Chupka Cookman, Connie Wilhite, John McAngus, Shirley Kuznarik


Members absent: Hardric McMillon, Wendy Hardy


Secretary’s Report, Rose Chupka Cookman, 385-2402,


The following minutes were presented for approval, corrections, and/or amendments:


  • December 3, 2014 meeting minutes

  • January 17, 2015 reorganization meeting minutes

  • February 4, 2015 meeting minutes


Judy Trier asked for a motion to approve the December 3, 2014 meeting minutes. Shirley Kuznarik made the motion and Connie Wilhite seconded the motion. Judy, Shirley, Connie and John McAngus approved the minutes. Rose Chupka Cookman abstained from voting since she was not a Board member at the time. 


Judy Trier asked for a motion to approve the January 17, 2015 reorganization meeting minutes. Connie Wilhite made the motion and John McAngus seconded the motion. Minutes were approved by all Board members present.


Judy Trier asked for a motion to approve the February 4, 2015 meeting minutes after clarifying that in the newsletter meeting minutes, on page 10 under old business, number 5 – John McAngus and Hardric McMillon each received a bid for the repair at Lake Clara from separate companies. They brought these bids to the meeting to be presented to the Board. The Board reviewed both bids and chose the lower priced one. At that time, John explained that the one accepted by the Board was from his son’s company and wanted to make sure all Board members were aware of this information so there would be no problems later on. The Board voted on the lower bid from M&E Precision. Shirley 

Kuznarik made a motion to accept the minutes with the clarification and Connie Wilhite seconded the motion. Minutes

were approved by all Board members present. (FYI: January 17, 2015 annual meeting minutes will be approved at the 2016 annual meeting).


President - Hardric McMillon,382-9579,

The letter to the Chairman of the Board of County Commission was sent asking for the process to obtain a waiver to allow sheriff patrols in the community. No response had been received to date.


Vice President and Treasurer – Judy Trier,260-242-0612,

Income for the month of February was $904.46. Expenses were $1,410.36 with $38.00 in bank service charges, $1,361.42 to common grounds and $10.94 to office expenses. The balance in our checking account at the end of February was 

$121,193.82 and the balance in the savings account is $168,361.64. Filed and audited, but not approved. Yard Sale:  Income received from the yard sale was $680.00.34 families participated ($20 each). Expenses were $592.64. Broken down as follows: reimburse GHOA $240.00 for paying two sheriff officers, $200.00 for the church ($100.00 for the annual meeting location and $100.00 for use of the church parking lot for the yard sale), $152.64 for advertising costs, coffee and donuts. Net profit to GHOA: $87.36.


Respectfully submitted: Judy Trier, Vice President/Treasurer


Reports by Committees:

Common Grounds: John McAngus, 440-935-4708,

There was nothing to report for the month of February.


Violations/Complaints: Judy Trier, 260-242-0612,

Five violation letters were written during the month of February.

1 -- motorcycles on private property

1 -- utility trailer in driveway

1 -- trimming of shrubs

1 -- RV trailer in driveway

1 -- concerning common grounds


I stopped at the two new homes and asked them to remove the signs advertising their construction companies. When

calling or writing me about a complaint, please give me the street name and house number. The more information you can give me the quicker I can get to the request. Thank you all for your cooperation. Please send all future complaints or suggestions to Judy Trier at or call 260-242-0612.



Nothing to report for the month of February.


Lakes/Clubhouse: Wendy Hardy,414-3727,


Clubhouse report:

We had game night the 3rd Thursday on Feb 19th, 10 ladies and gents attended. We will have card night on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month (March 10th & 24th) and game night the 3rd Thursday (March 19th). We continue to have mah jongg on Tuesdays and Friday mornings and a group plays bridge on Thursday mornings There were no clubhouse rentals for February. Anyinterested party wanting to rent the clubhouse, please feel free to contact me by email or by phone 414-3727.


Thank you. Wendy Hardy



Nothing to report for February.


Architecture:  Shirley Kuznarik, 382-3656,


Our homeowners added:


One new shed


One new pergola, along with an additional 8 foot section of lattice that will completely conceal existing trash bins/utility area from street view.


We also approved the paint colors to be used for one homeowner.


Respectfully submitted by, Shirley Kuznarik


Roads/Signs/Lights/Culverts:  Hardric McMillon, 382-9579,

Bids were sent to paving companies for paving the following roads:  the circle around the Clubhouse, Lost Ball Court, Par Road and 9th Tee Court.


Newsletter:  Rose Chupka Cookman, 385-2402,

If you have any articles for the newsletter, please submit them to me by the 5th of the month. We are looking to expand advertising in our newsletter since it helps defray the publishing cost.  Please let me know if you know of any businesses who are interested in advertising.  Our monthly rates are as follows:  $25 for a quarter page; $50 for a half page; and $100 for a full page ad.  We will be publishing seven more newsletters for 2015.


Currently, we have 162 homeowners who receive a hard copy of our newsletter.  If you don’t receive a hard copy and would like one, please let me know.  Also, please remember to check our website: for the monthly newsletter as well. Our next newsletter will be published the week of March 23, 2015.  Thank you.


Data Base/Directory/Website:  Connie Wilhite, 658-1854,



Our first Shout Out went out Feb 10, advising traffic control for the Golf Hammock Yard Sale on Feb 14. If you signed up for Shout Out and did not receive this notice, please check your Spam settings. Also, you may send me an e-mail to confirm that your correct e-mail was entered for this program. My e-mail is 


Just to set everyone’s mind at ease, these messages are only sent to residents who have given their signed consent and these notices are sent using blind copy method (no e-mail addresses are visible to any other recipient). The Shout Out Program is ONLY used for important or urgent notices to residents of Golf Hammock.


If, in the future, you decide to not be included in Shout Out,  please let me know in writing, by e-mail or a note dropped in the mail, or placed in the lock box (on the clubhouse door closest to the driving range). Phone calls do not provide a written record.


Please advise any corrections, additions/deletions to your directory information.  If you have a new neighbor, please let me know so we can be sure they are visited by the Welcoming Committee and also so their information is available for the next printing.


Visitations:  Ellyn Scholl-Losse, 385-6294, and Trish Broksch, 471-3737,

Ellyn had one visitation for the month of February.


Neighborhood Watch:  Volunteer needed.


Old Business

1.  Millie Anderson and Victor Divietro volunteered to assist the Board.  Board members will meet with them in March to determine their interests.  Additional information will be announced at the April 1 meeting.  We are grateful for their assistance and still are looking for additional homeowners to volunteer to assist the Board.


2.  The Board has tabled a discussion on Clubhouse usage fees until April since Wendy Hardy (Clubhouse chair) was absent.


New Business:


1.  A homeowner addressed the Board.  She lives at the northeast corner of Duffer Road and has an ongoing problem with her fence being torn down.  Her area is used for ATV vehicles to drive through and people to walk through into Sebring Hills.  GHOA has already repaired her fence twice.  The resident tried dumping yard waste in the area to detract it from being a thru-way.  John McAngus visited the area and took pictures.  A discussion was held on ways to deter future traffic in that area. Hog fencing, if repaired and reinstalled, would be torn down again.  John suggested four pieces of six foot privacy fence may deter traffic and provide longevity.  A resident also suggested shrubs such as cactus plants or Spanish bayonet be planted in the area to deter a thru way.  John will look at costs for a privacy fence and report back in April.  This lot is an exception to the rules based on its location and safety concerns for the homeowner and community.


2.  A motion was entertained on the floor to allow one representative of Pella and Associates be added to the signature cards of the GHOA accounts at Mid Florida Bank.  Mid Florida stated that they required a signature card on file, prior to allowing any information be given to Pella regarding the accounts.  A discussion ensued with Board members and homeowners expressing concern in adding someone from Pella to our accounts.  The Board tabled this motion to research additional information such as:  will the Pella rep be bonded and will the Board receive a copy of this paperwork, will Pella receive a book of checks, can they write checks or withdraw since they will be on the signature card, etc.  It was noted that Pella does not have on-line access to our accounts. 


3.  More information will be forthcoming next month on County requirements for building permits.  Most exterior repair work requires a building permit.  A listing of requirements will be obtained and posted for homeowners’ information.


Homeowners present at the meeting:  Millie Anderson, William Bauer, Victor Divietro, Eugene Musselman, Peter Kent, Jim Cookman, Jim Wilhite, and Tom and Nancy Senior. 


Announcement of next workshop/meeting:  April 1, 2015 (5:45 workshop – followed at 7:00 pm for the general meeting.)    

Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Judy Trier asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Connie Wilhite made the motion and it was seconded by Rose Chupka Cookman.  Meeting ended approximately 7:40 pm.


Submitted by:  Rose Chupka Cookman, Secretary