January 6, 2016 Annual Meeting


The January 6, 2016 Annual Meeting of Cormorant Point Homeowners Association was called to order at 4pm by President Steve Fox in the Golf Hammock meeting room. In addition to the Board, members in attendance were Bob Henderson. Margaret Thomson, Nancy Galle, Diane Coultas, Ron & Karen Sasher, Leo & Ruth Hoffman, Peter DiMasi, Lydia Harding, Terri & Mike Maynard, Carol Chappel, Natalie Steele, Noretta Harris, AC & Glenna Hollar, Al & Betsy Pasinella, Rosemary Kunz, Carl & Heddy Scaggs, Tom & Jan Patterson, Sara LeBean, Bill Geiger, and Graig Smith. 


Steve reported that Lillian Kachelries and Bob Rivenes have agreed to run again for the Board for three year terms. He asked for any nominations from the floor. Hearing none he moved that the two members be elected by acclimation. The motion was approved unanimously. Thanks to Lillian and Bob for volunteering. As a result of the election, the Board will consist of Steve Fox- President, Keith Coultas- Vice-President, Bob Rivenes- Secretary, Nancy Beatty- Treasurer, Ed ChroscinsLandscape/Architecture, Alex Harding- Violations, and Lillian Kachelries- Welcoming.  Board members would welcome any one volunteering to serve on the Board. 


The Secretary asked if there were any changes or additions to the minutes of the last annual meeting. There being none, a motion was made to accept the minutes a published. Motion carried. 

Nancy Beatty reported that the year ended with $58,890.48 in the treasury. Included in the total were $25,000 prepaid for 2016. For details see the attached financial spreadsheet. Nancy noted that that new quarterly assessment process is going well thus making the Treasurer’s job much easier. 


Ed Chroscinski stated that a number of changes to landscaping and property were requested by members and were approved by the Board. Most new applications stay within the rules. 


Bob Henderson and his replacement Alex Harding noted that all Property Compliance violations during the year were mostly minor in nature and were amicably resolved. Unkempt driveways and building painting continue to be a problem but in time will be resolved. Noisy outdoor work on Sunday continues to be a problem. Lillian visited the 22 new members to Cormorant Point. 


Steve discussed with a renewed emphasis that commercial work or noisy activity on Sunday is not permitted. It was noted that work before 8:00 am on the other days of the week is also not permitted. 


On December 12. 2015 the Annual Cormorant Point Picnic took place at the common grounds with between 150 and 160 residents attending. The picture perfect day brought out the many residents to enjoy some camaraderie and the meeting of some new faces in our community. 


This year our two regular workers of many years, Steve Fox and Gerald Lambert had to be absent and were notably missed. Keith Coultas took over the reins and organized a well functioning group of volunteers. 


Our special thanks to Bill Geiger for trucking to Taylor Rental and picking up and later returning the big grill and a trailer full of tables. Bill Hineline and Bob Henderson picked up the duty of cooking burgers and dogs assisted by Ed Chroscinski and Keith Coultas. What made the event even better was the many of our residents jumped in to help by doing some additional cooking, supplying condiments and desserts and by placing the tables back on the trailer. 


The next Annual Meeting will be held January 2017 with the exact date and time to be announced later in the year. There being no further business, the meeting was motioned for adjournment. Motion carried. 


Bob Rivenes, Secretary 

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