Golf Hammock Owners’ Association

September 2, 2015

 General Meeting Minutes



Call to Order: Interim President, Connie Wilhite, called the meeting to order at approximately 7:40 P.M.  (Prior to Hardric McMillon resigning as President, he asked Connie to act as Interim President for the September meeting.)


Members present: Connie Wilhite, Victor Divietro, Rose Chupka Cookman, Shirley Kuznarik, Millie Anderson, J.P. Fane, Nancy Beatty, and Mark Wolczak.  (George Kibe was present as a homeowner, and later joined the Board at the end of the meeting, approximately 9:10 P.M., when he was nominated to the Board after John McAngus resigned via voice mail message to Board treasurer Victor Divietro).  


Absent:  John McAngus (who later resigned prior to the adjournment of the meeting.)


Adoption of the Agenda:  Prepared during the workshop at 5:45 PM with current Board members Connie, Victor, Rose, Shirley and Millie present.


Minutes: A motion was called by Connie to approve the following minutes: 


  • May 6, 2015 General meeting minutes – Rose seconded the motion with no additions or corrections.  Victor, Shirley, Millie, and Rose voted in favor of approval.  New Board members J.P. Fane, Nancy Beatty and Mark Wolczak abstained since they had not read the minutes.  George Kibe later became a Board member after John McAngus resigned.  George was present as a homeowner only during the motion to pass subject minutes.


  • June 3, 2015 Special meeting (to elect Millie Anderson to the Board – Rose seconded the motion with no additions or corrections.  Victor, Shirley, Millie, and Rose voted in favor of approval.  New Board members J.P. Fane, Nancy Beatty and Mark Wolczak abstained since they had not read the minutes.  George Kibe later became a Board member after John McAngus resigned.  George was present as a homeowner only during the motion to pass subject minutes.


  • July 1, 2015 Special meeting (requested by Jason Laman, owner of the Golf Hammock Golf/Country Club) – Rose seconded the motion with the following correction:  Board members absent:  Rose Chupka Cookman and Judy Trier. (Wendy Hardy resigned on June 23, 2015 and was not present at this meeting).  Victor, Shirley, Millie, and Rose voted in favor of approval.  New Board members J.P. Fane, Nancy Beatty and Mark Wolczak abstained since they had not read the minutes.  George Kibe later became a Board member after John McAngus resigned.  George was present as a homeowner only during the motion to pass subject minutes.


  • August 19, 2015 Special meeting (a “get to know” homeowners who have volunteered for vacant Board positions and committees)  Rose seconded the motion with the following noted for the record:  Judy Trier resigned on July 24, 2015 and Hardric McMillan resigned on August 15, 2015.  Both were not present at the meeting.   New Board members J.P. Fane, Nancy Beatty and Mark Wolczak abstained since they had not read the minutes.  George Kibe later became a Board member after John McAngus resigned.  George was present as a homeowner only during the motion to pass subject minutes. 


  • (Note from Board Secretary – Request homeowners read the individual meeting minutes to clarify which Board members were present, absent, resigned or elected to the Board during each of the meetings above.  Thank you).


Report of officers:

President – Connie Wilhite, 658-1854,

Interim President Connie Wilhite and Outgoing President Hardric McMillon had nothing to report.


Vice President

There is no report due to the vacant position.


Treasurer – Victor Divietro, 381-4264,


Secretary – Rose Chupka Cookman, 385-2402,

A Special Meeting by the Board was held on June 3, 2015.  The purpose of the meeting was to elect Millie Anderson to the Board.  Millie was elected and we welcome her.


A Special Meeting by the Board was held on July 1, 2015.  The purpose of the meeting was to hear a proposal by Jason Laman, owner of the golf course.  Jason requested to speak to the Board and pitched his request for the GHOA to pay for the paving of his parking lots when Hammock Circle was being paved this past summer.  He explained the positive aspects of enhancing his parking lots to improve the general aesthetics of his common area around the circle.  Victor Divietro presented his proposal to our attorney who believed it was not permitted to improve private property under our current covenants and restrictions. It was decided Victor would contact our attorney to find out if we even are allowed to pay for work on private property.


A Special Meeting was held August 19, 2015.  The purpose of the meeting was to have an informal “Meet and Greet” with volunteers willing to serve on the Board or Committees in the future and to fill the vacant positions that occurred over the summer.


Three Board members resigned as follows:  Wendy Hardy (June), Judy Trier (July) and Hardric McMillon (August).  We thank them for their time on the Board.


We are looking for volunteers to place their names on the ballot for the three upcoming vacant Board positions ending at the Annual Meeting on January 16, 2016. Former Board member Judy Trier, Connie Wilhite will not be running again for the Board and Millie Anderson  has not yet made a decision to run again.


We are requesting volunteers for GHOA committees as well.


Millie Anderson certified that she read the GHOA declaration of covenants, articles of incorporation, by-laws and current written rules and policies required under Florida Statute 720.3033(1)(a).  This certification remains valid throughout her tenure on the Board.


During my absence, I want to thank Millie Anderson who volunteered as interim secretary, and Connie Wilhite, who prepared the agenda for this meeting.  


Reports by Committees:

Common Grounds: John McAngus, 440-935-4708,


Nothing to Report.


Violations/Complaints: Millie Anderson, 386-5546, 


On August 6, at Board President Hardric McMillon’s request, I took on the Interim position of Chairperson for the Violations/Complaints Committee. At that time Hardric was handling the complaints for lawns that needed mowing. I did follow up on one of them that still needed attention and sent a letter.


Later, there were two more complaints on yards that needed mowing and trimming. I found out these homes were in foreclosure. Victor has taken care of hiring someone to mow these lawns from here on.  Since I’m handling this position as an Interim, if anyone else is interested in working on Violations/Complaints, please let me know.

Respectfully submitted,Millie R. Anderson


Clubhouse: Wendy Hardy,414-3727,


Clubhouse reports for june/july/august are as follows - mahjongg was played every tuesday and friday of each month-with attendance of approx.16-30 each day.we also had card nite (2nd & 4th Tues) and game nite (3rd thurs) with attendance of approx. 10-12 - please keep in mind summer months have less attendance due to snowbirds being away -we had 1 rental for a private party during this time $75 fee collected. the library is being used very frequently and comments are made that it is appreciated. as i stated before at other board meetings we do not sign in or out when the clubhouse is used for activities and i do not think it a necessity for the future. many homeowners have spoken up about GHOA keeping the clubhouse to be able to continue as a library/meeting place/ recreational purposes etc.- also Jason has voiced that he wants to have us continue with a lease and has offered several options for GHOA such as less $$ for rent in exchange for help with amenities and is willing to discuss other options -something I feel should be explored.
Sincerely, Wendy Hardy


(Note:  Jason Laman spoke to clarify that he is not renting the clubhouse for lesser dollars nor is he offering additional amenities. The rent will remain the same in 2016; $400 plus utilities.  He will not consider rent for GHOA and Cormoront Point meetings only.  However, he may consider a lower rent if GHOA signed a ten-year lease with five years paid in full up front.)


Architecture:  Shirley Kuznarik, 382-3656,


Renovated to an existing driveway:  Pavers taken up and concrete paving put down.

Add a semi-circle drive way

One shed.

Addition to an existing patio


Respectfully submitted by,

Shirley Kuznarik



Roads/Signs/Lights/Culverts/Lots: Hardric McMillon:  Report (June, July, August 2015)


1. Fallen tree on Dog Leg was removed.

Thanks to all the guys who assisted in cutting and removal.


2. Several sign posts were sanded and painted; several stop signs were cleaned and/or replaced. Thanks to Don Dewey and Curt Passafume for their assistance.


3. The following roads were paved:  a) Golf Hammock Circle around Clubhouse b) Country Club Rd. c) Lost Ball Ct.  d) 9th Tee Ct e) Par Ln f) Bunker (from Golf Hammock to Lost Ball).


Newsletter:  Rose Chupka Cookman, 385-2402,

The newsletter ad committee did not meet over the summer, nor did we solicit for advertising as discussed this past spring. The website committee met and discussed costs of both the website and the newsletter.  It was agreed to hold off obtaining new ads until the future of the newsletter could be addressed. I would like to thank Millie Anderson, Shirley Kuznarik and Connie Wilhite for volunteering for the ad committee.

Currently, we have 165 residents receiving the newsletter, plus 15 copies being distributed in the newsletter box on the door of the clubhouse, for a total of 180 copies published monthly. Eight newsletters are printed per year.  Each newsletter costs approximately $500, for a total of more than $4,000 yearly.


With the future roll out of the new website, which has been enhanced and easier to maneuver, the Board is asking for your input whether we should continue the newsletter after December 2015.  I am asking homeowners to send me an email stating if you are for, against, or neutral in continuing the newsletter.  I request written email for record keeping purposes.  Phone calls will not be considered.

Please send your thoughts to  All emails are due by Friday, October 23, 2015.  We will vote on the newsletter's future at the November 4 general meeting.

I have enjoyed my tenure drafting and seeing to the publication of the GH newsletter.  However, December 2015, will be my last newsletter.  Volunteers will be needed to take on this task if the newsletter continues publication in 2016.

The next newsletter will be distributed during the week of September 21, 2015.  Thank you.  



Data Base/Directory/Website/Visitations:  Connie Wilhite, 658-1854,


Database, Homeowner Information: Inputting new information as received. There has been a lot of activity in 2015 and we hope to have as many new home owners as possible listed in the directory. Please advise if you know of anyone who has recently purchased in GH. As to the future of the Directory, I will not be considering another term and with that in mind, someone will need to consider taking over this position. I have enjoyed working with the community and serving on the Board and I will turn it over to someone new in 2016! 


Directory: Millie Anderson and I have received new ads and most prior advertisers are again supporting our directory by placing ads. Bogus Printing is again doing our Directory and Ad information is being sent to Bogus Printing as it is compiled. The actual address/phone # etc., database will be sent at a later date. The Directory will be printed and distributed in January. Volunteers will be needed to distribute these directories, approximately 650+. If you are able to assist, please e-mail me or drop a note in the lock box on the clubhouse door. 


Website: Ruthie O’Neill, Webmaster, is creating a new, modern, professional website that will be much easier to navigate, more user friendly, and a more aesthetically pleasing layout. Ruthie will give an update on the website at a future Workshop. There is also a Subscribe Now button on the home page. This allows you to opt in to receive notification on changes/updates to the website itself. You can also opt out at any time. This is not a part of the Shout Out…it is a separate program controlled by our Webmaster and only pertains to the website itself.


Shout Outs issued: An alligator sighting was issued. Road collapse at Mulligan and the Circle was issued. A volunteer request was issued. A Safety Notification, vehicle break-ins was issued. If you are interested in being on the Shout Out List, please send me your e-mail address and request to be placed on this list which is issued by our webmaster from information we supply her.


Visitations: Joyce Rowe 385-4382 

Joyce could not be present. There are 2 pending for May (contacted but not yet here to receive it). 1 each in June and July. 4 in August and 1 pending in August (contacted but not yet here to receive it).


Neighborhood Watch:  We have had a homeowner express interest and will be in touch with that homeowner.


Old Business:



New Business

  1. Budget – Due in October.

  2. Communication – How to openly express ideas between homeowners and the Board.

  3. Future of the newsletter after 2015.

  4. Clubhouse lease due January 2016.

  5. Election of three Board positions; a last minute Board resignation; followed by another election of a fourth Board position.


Budget:  Victor reported that all projected expenses need to be brought to his attention so he can prepare the 2016 budget, due October 31, 2015.


Communication:  Board members want to be transparent to the Association members and asked for suggestions as to how to better communicate with homeowners.  


Newsletter:  Please see the newsletter report given by the chairperson.  It outlines the costs associated with the publication of eight newsletters yearly.  Homeowners have expressed a general concern for the continued cost of this newsletter.  The newsletter chair is currently accepting email correspondence from residents who wish to weigh in on the newsletter’s future.  Please have all comments sent via email by Friday, October 23, 2015 to the chairperson.  The newsletter’s future will be voted on at the November 4 general meeting. 


Clubhouse: Because the Clubhouse is not only a financial concern, but an emotional concern as well, the Board needed to step back and take a deep look at this issue as we look to the future.  Therefore, prior to the general meeting, many homeowners had received the Board’s clubhouse analysis (copies are in the GHOA office and printed on the website).  Data from the analysis shows that the clubhouse rental is not a good financial arrangement for the Association.  Options were listed as follows: (a) stay the status quo and continue the rental for another year, (b) examine alternative meeting and storage locations, (c) work out an arrangement with the social membership for continued use of the clubhouse for all concerned, and (d) try to work out a different arrangement with Golf Hammock Country Club for use of the clubhouse.  And, in other, separate discussions among the Board, it was also suggested to survey residents on their thoughts about the clubhouse.


Fifty six homeowners attended the meeting.  Various comments were made by them during both the workshop and the general meeting.  The majority of comments were pro clubhouse rental for another year.


Fourteen homeowners then spoke on the merits of keeping the clubhouse rental for another year.  To generalize those comments -- all were pro clubhouse, various outreach programs serving the community were discussed, enjoying the social benefits of the building as a place for camaraderie, and having a library nearby to stop and pick up a book.  Some comments were also made in favor of increasing the yearly homeowner assessments to offset rental costs.  


A homeowner presented a petition signed by 315 residents.  The petition read as follows:  “We, the under signed, believe that the clubhouse that the Owners Association is presently renting should continue to be rented for the following year.  We believe that by having a clubhouse, where there are activities for homeowners, enhances the property value of our homes.  We believe that having a clubhouse for the purpose of holding monthly owners board meetings helps make the community aware of the ongoing work on the different boards.  We believe that the Golf Hammock owners Board has more than enough money to pay rent and half the utilities.  (People who use the clubhouse regularly pay $30 per year to help defray the cost of the rent and utilities.  As of right now, that accounts for four month’s rent.)  We believe that having a huge bank account is not the be-all and end-all.  Having a clubhouse makes all homeowners feel as if they have a place to call their own.  Signed:  315 residents.” 


The Board thanked those for taking the time and initiative to sign a petition.


The Board announced that no action will be taken on the clubhouse until the November 4 general meeting.  The reason for this delay is to continue to accept any additional information that all homeowners may have.  And, it will allow those who receive their information by the monthly newsletter (to be published the week of September 21) also have sufficient time to digest the analysis allowing for any additional comments.


New Board Members:  Due to the high interest in the clubhouse, the Board adjusted its meeting schedule to accommodate those present.  Because of this, four new Board members were voted as “member at large” until the Board can reorganize prior to the October 7 general meeting to announce officer and committees.  New Board members are as follows:  J.P. Fane, Nancy Beatty, Mark Walczak and George Kibe.



Homeowners who signed in: Gene and Betty Clarke, Curt and Shirley Passafume, Andrew Provence, Cindy Bowser, Becky Kibe, Jeff Fisher, Mark Walczak, J.P. Fane, Floyd and Pia Walbert, Donald Butine, Nancy Porcari, Saundra Batty, Don and Phyllis Murray, Roberta Humes, Bruce Darlington, Bob and June Wheeler, Sandra L. Turner, Barbara Akus, Bonnie Nigh, Millie Grime, Cindy Dall, George Kibe, Ellyn Scholl-Losse, Nancy Beatty, Wendy Hardy, Ken Bird, Marge Schindewolf, Kenneth and Tina Hamlin, Linda Fisher, Jean Carlton, Lois Worthington, Andy Tuck, Jason Laman, Karin Heath, Bob Schroeder, Janet Crocker, Dawn Schroeder, Patsy White, Eileen Mikulkey, Jack Carlton, Trish Broksch, Bill Anderson, John Stewart, Alex Harding, Sandy Hart, Ed Chroscinski, Kathy Hill, Lou Howard, Jim Cookman, Jim Wilhite.  (56 homeowners present)


Homeowner comments:

During the course of both the workshop and general meeting, homeowners made additional comments to rumors going throughout the community.  


There is rumored that the Board had already made up its mind that they will not rent the clubhouse in 2016.  This same statement was said three separate times over the course of the evening.  ANSWER:  Each time, the Board repeatedly stressed that it was only obtaining information on a variety of alternatives regarding the clubhouse and a vote was not being taken at this time, nor had the Board come to any decision.


The other rumor: the owner of the clubhouse was either going to increase the rent or cancel the lease.  ANSWER:  Jason Laman was on hand to answer that he does not intend to increase the rent, which currently is $400 a month plus half share of utilities.  And, he will only offer the clubhouse on a monthly rent that does not include renting for only Association meetings once a month.


Several homeowners expressed concern that additional time was needed to seek more volunteers to the Board and homeowners were not given sufficient time to volunteer.  ANSWER:  The Board wanted to have a full complement of nine voting Board members going into November’s general meeting when both the clubhouse and newsletter were going to be voted.  The Board explained that announcements to fill vacancies were listed throughout the year in the newsletters, meeting minutes, website and in the form of a shout out.  


Announcement of the next workshop/meeting

The next scheduled meeting is October 7, 2015 (5:45 P.M. workshop – followed at 7:00 P.M. for the general meeting at the Clubhouse).


Prior to adjournment: On August 29, 2015, Board member John McAngus sent an email thinking about resigning from the Board due to work commitments.  Coming into this general meeting, Board members were uncertain whether John did resign or planned to resign.  Since he did not show, a phone call was placed to confirm his status on the Board.  The message went into voice mail.  Prior to adjourning, John called back at 7:22 P.M. on September 2, and left voice message to Victor Divietro that he did resign.  Since Board members had additional volunteers who wanted to serve on the Board, the Board picked the next volunteer waitlisted, George Kibe, and nominated him to the Board.  A motion was made by Rose and seconded by Victor.  Those voting in favor were Shirley, Millie, J.P., Nancy, and Mark.  The Board welcomed George to the Board. 


Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Shirley made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  It was seconded by Victor.  Rose, Millie, J.P., Nancy, Mark, George voted in favor to adjourn.  The meeting ended at approximately 9:10 P.M.


Submitted by: Rose Chupka Cookman, Secretary