Golf Hammock Annual Meeting
January 17, 2015


Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by President, Sandy Todd.


Members present:  Sandy Todd, Millie Grime, Tom Senior, Shirley Kuznarik, Connie Wilhite, Hardric McMillon, Judy Trier.


Absent: None


  • President Todd reminded people to sign up to speak at the end of the meeting.


  • The secretary gave proof of notice of the annual meeting.  Proxies were mailed out during the 20-40 day period as set up in the By-Laws.


  • The secretary verified that there was a quorum for the meeting of 259 proxies.


Introduction of Nominees: President Todd introduced Rose Chupka Cookman.  Wendy Hardy, the other candidate, was not able to be present.


Nomination from the floor: John McAngus’s name was placed in nomination.  Jim Wilhite read a letter from John stating that he would accept the nomination and serve on the 2015 Board.  Judy Trier moved that the nominations be closed. Seconded by Dean Barber.  Passed unanimously.  Roxie McMillon moved that John McAngus be nominated to serve on the Board by acclamation.  Joyce Rowe seconded.  All Board members, Sandy, Connie, Hardric, Tom, Millie, Shirley, and the audience all voted in favor.  

Nominations closed,  Collection of ballots-Chuck Grime


Minutes, Millie Grime, 471-9979,

There were no corrections or additions to the Jan. 25, 2014 annual meeting.  


Treasurers Report, Tom Senior,314-0644,

  • The Association’s fiscal year ended on December 31, at which time revenue for 2014 totaled $120,025.  This was about $1,350 higher than budgeted due to better than anticipated collections of current year assessments, as well as late payment penalties and finance charges.  There were offsetting overages and shortfalls relative to budget in categories such as clubhouse dues and use fees, reimbursements for legal expenses and advertisement for ads in our newsletter, directory, and on our website.


  • Total operating expenses and maintenance expense came to $72,546 for the year.  This was about $10,000 less than the budgeted amount.  Operating and maintenance expense consisted of $37,850 to maintain the lakes and common grounds which was about $1,600 less than anticipated and $34,696 in administrative expense for insurance, street lighting, newsletter costs, accounting fees, clubhouse rent, and supplies and legal work which altogether was about $8,400 less than anticipated.


  • Net operation income which is total revenue less operating and maintenance expense was $46,715.  This net operating income was used to cover $2,711 for continued improvements to our front entrances.  The balance of the net operating income will be used for our 2015 paving work.  Cash on hand increased to $178,978 as of December 31, 2014, but this is temporary because our planned 2015 paving work will bring this down to more normal levels. It should be noted that because of our efforts to collect unpaid assessments, we currently stand with only a few owners in arrears.  Also, in a few cases because of the HOA friendly Florida Statues (I’m sure we have all heard of them.) there is a limit on what we can collect in cases of foreclosure and bankruptcy so there are some amounts we will be writing off as uncollectable.


Board Members Reports

Violations and Complaints, Judy Trier, 260-242-0612,


  • December was again a quiet month for violations.  Only four letters were sent out all with positive responses from the property owners.


  • Over the past year we have handled over 70 violation problems.  All have received a letter or a call.  Most people comply with the request in the letter but we are still working on a few problems.


  • A big concern recently has been with the bears visiting our neighborhood.  It is important that all residents are careful with their trash.  It should not be put out until the day of pickup and it should be in a container with a lid.  We know this will not stop a bear from getting into the container but it will hopefully discourage them.  It may not stop a bear but the container will stop a vulture.


  • We live in a deed restricted community and it is to everyone’s benefit to keep their homes and property in line with the covenants.  We, as board members, will continue to work in the upcoming year to keep this one of the premier neighborhoods in Sebring.  Your help is needed by keeping your lawns mowed and trimmed, your landscaping trimmed and weeded and your fences in good repair.


If you have any questions concerning the covenants and restrictions, please give me a call.  If any resident needs a copy of our restrictions, please contact me.


Please send complaints or suggestions to Judy Trier at or call 260-242-0612.



Data Base/Directory, Connie Wilhite,, 658-1854

  • Happy New Year to all!  It is unbelievable how quickly 2014 has come to an end and here it is 2015!  Thank you so much to everyone who has provided information on our new residents.  I have said this many times before, but I want to extend a very grateful thank you to our Street Captains for Golf Hammock.  Lillian Kachelries for Cormorant Point, and all neighbors who contributed input on new members of the community.  


  • A heartfelt thank you to our Welcoming Committee for Golf Hammock, Ellyn Scholl-Losse and Trish Broksch and for Cormorant Point, Lillian Kachelries for all their hard work putting together information and delivering it to our new residents.  Many of our new residents might not know that Ellyn, Trish, and Lillian wear two hats: Street Captain and Welcoming Committee for Golf Hammock and Cormorant Point.  All your efforts are noticed and very much appreciated.  Thank you from all the community.


  • Our new directory will be published in 2016.  Any and all input whether it is new, corrected or just verification of information will assist in creating an accurate directory.  Please let me know if you do not wish to have certain information published in this upcoming directory.  Please submit this information in writing as phone calls do not provide a valid record.  You may drop a note in the clubhouse lock box on the door closest to the driving range or e-mail me at


Even if you are not a Street Captain, please know that any information you can provide on new neighbors will be appreciated.


Secretary, Millie Grime, 471-9979,

The Board published eight newsletters this year.   We received $900 from a merchant that helped us reduce the price of the newsletter.  


We purchased six signs to place at both entrances to alert residents about important matters.


Ruthie O’Neill, our webmaster, suggested that we join a Shout Out program that lets her send out e-mail blasts to residents of GH when there is something important that they should know.  We are in the process of gaining permission from people to use their e-mail address for the e-mail blasts.



Common Grounds: 

ELECTRIC:  The upgrading of the lighting at the Main Entrance and Islands was a major priority.  Much time was spent in securing the appropriate electricians to accomplish the projects we desired to have completed.  In the final end the projects were divided into two.  One was redoing the strength of cabling to the islands and the second adding lighting to the right side of the Entrance with our Golf Hammock sign.  After some time all was finally accomplished to the Board’s satisfaction.


TREES:  Cutting Edge trimmed trees on Mulligan Court East, Lost Ball at the entrance to the Storage Area, forty some palm trees at the main entrance and cut down the dead tree in the commons area on Dog Leg Drive.  Three diseased trees on the edge of Lake Clara were removed by Crosson and Payne.


FENCING: Bids were received from some fencing companies to install the fencing needed.  Fencing was replaced at two homes on Duffer Road ($800.00) by Brooker Fence.  Fencing had been cut by trespassers behind 4208 Duffer Road.  A sheriff’s report was written and placed in our records.


DRAINAGE:  Excavation Point is looking into the drainage problem between Lake Clara and Lake Elaine and will determine the cost of fixing the broken drain grates.


Architecture, Shirley Kuznarik, 382 -3656,  

Extend the existing garage, add another garage door and associated driveway/paving, and remove trees as necessary

Extend the existing garage 16 feet, relocate existing window, add door.  Remove foliage and relocate as needed.  The roof line follows existing pitch/architecture.


Two garden houses(sheds)

eight sheds, three home paint colors, widen driveway, add new sidewalks two swimming pools, including additions to patio and enclosure, four fences,two new homes, addition to existing sun room and den.  Add enclosed pool and patio.


Roads, Hardric McMillon,, 382-9579


1. Several signs and posts that were in disrepair were replaced.  Those that were still in good repair were sanded and painted.  We will continue with this until completed.


2. A visual assessment of all the roads that had not been recently paved was completed to determine their condition and need for paving.  This data will be used to determine the priority of roads to be paved.


3. A committee was set up to study the speeding issues and potential interventions.  A survey was conducted by the Board to ascertain the options.


Of the community regarding speeding and the potential interventions to control it, there was no substantial support for any one of the interventions.


Lakes/Clubhouse, appointed chairperson, Wendy Hardy, 414-3727,


  • At the commencement of this year, the Regional Manager of Aquatic Weed Control appointed a new licensed technician, Joe Vasquez, with fourteen years of experience to treat our lakes.  At that time Joe resurveyed the lakes and the treatments were adjusted accordingly.


  • In March we had a “blooming” of some sort of aquatic weed on several of our lakes.  Les (the general manager) assured us that they were treating these problems and some of the chemicals they use will take up to three months to show results.

  • In May all lakes looked good; the large amount of rain received has really brought the water levels up.  This summer the rain kept the lake levels up and the water clear.  One of our residents took it upon himself to pay to have the water in Lake Clara tested.  The results indicated no type of bacteria in the water, plus it’s one of the cleanest lakes they have seen.


  • The Board received a renewal agreement from Aquatic Systems who maintains the aeration equipment on Lake Judy in Cormorant Point and voted its continuance.  We also signed a renewed agreement with Aquatic Weed Control for the 2015 year to treat six lakes and one channel (between Lake Clara and Lake Elaine) in the amount of $10,812.00



  • In January of last year, yearly clubhouse dues were collected.  The dues covered four months of rent for the clubhouse.  A game night was established in March.  Over the summer another game night was created that occurred every other week.  Also, there is now a book exchange, a book club, and other activities for the community to enjoy.  Wendy Hardy decorated the clubhouse for Christmas.


Entrances/Landscaping, Sandy Todd, 385-4774, clb1919

  • After the new plantings of azalea and viburnum were watched carefully, bids needed to be requested for systematic insecticide and fungicide spray to be applied four times per year and glandular fertilizer two times a year.  Three bids were received and Clarke’s Pest Control won the bid.  The applications will occur in January, April, July, and October. Trees along Hammock Road need to be trimmed as they are hanging too low over the azaleas.  Bids have been requested and will be approved soon for action to take place.  Also, this year, the palms at the entrances have been trimmed.


  • We also want to thank Lermas Landscaping for their diligence and care in keeping our entrances in great shape.  This year, some updating of the lighting at the entrances occurred; common grounds lead the way in this project.


Undeveloped Lots


  • All undeveloped lot owners received a letter dated April 20, 2014.  The letter served as a reminder of the new standing rule passed last September.  It states “Undeveloped lots should be mowed as follows: once in the spring, twice in the summer, and once in the fall (four times per year).  It was suggested that the spring mowing should be completed by May 31st, summer mowing between May 31st and September 30th and the fall mowing by November 15, 2014.  Lots have been properly maintained.  Two of the lots are in the process of having homes built.


Visitations, Ellyn Scholl-Losse  385-6294 and Trish Broksch 471-3737,

For 2014, Ellyn and Trish visited eighteen homes as follows:  January-3, February-2, March-0, April-3, May-2, June-2, July-0, August-0, September-2, October-1, November-2, December-1


Neighborhood Watch:  No report.


New board members introduced: Rose Chupka Cookman, and Wendy Hardy (unable to be present)

Number of proxies received: 259

Number of ballots cast: 17

Quorum needed: 232

Total number of votes cast: 276


Homeowners Comments

  • A resident read a prepared speech in which she stated that in the Dec. newsletter, “that if a cluster of homes ask for speed tables the Board would consider it.”  The resident is opposed to any speed tables and wondered if people would be notified if the speed tables would be put in.  She also reiterated that pedestrians are the problem, not speeding in GH.  According to her, Florida Statues state that pedestrians are required to get out of the way of cars.  She believes that pedestrians should wear reflective vests and be educated about their role in accidents.  She believes that we are creating problems in putting in speed tables.  Her neighbor fell off a ladder and required an ambulance.  The neighbor told the resident that the ambulance crew complained bitterly about the speed tables.  She asked what the Board is going to do for the people who are against speed tables.


  • Hardric McMillon responded by saying that the Board is considering a range of options for slowing cars in GH.

Another resident spoke and thanked the Board for all its efforts to make Golf Hammock a great place to live.  She said she had no thanks for people who do not support the Board and do everything they can to make its life miserable.


  • Another resident spoke and said she was new to the community and wanted to thank the Board for making GH safe for everyone.  She appreciates the speed tables because she lives on Mulligan and felt that the speed tables had slowed people down.  She mentioned that hospitals in the area had speed bumps (much worse than speed tables) that slow ambulances down.  She respects differing opinions but felt that the speed tables do more good than harm.


  • Another resident spoke about living on Duffer Road just past Par.  There is a speeding problem in that area.  She personally witnessed a near crash when a school bus and another car that was speeding around a blind curve and almost collided.  She has even had speeding cars drive through her lawn.  She thanked the Board for all their efforts to help people of GH.  She asked that everyone be less divisive and get along.


  • Another person spoke about walking and riding her bike in GH and said she always feels as if she is going to be hit by a car.  She too, spoke about speeding on Par and felt that unless something is done someone is going to be hit.  She suggested that solar powered signs that tell a driver’s speed might be effective.  She thanked the Board for replacing signs and poles.


Dr. Todd ended the meeting by requesting that more people get involved in maintaining the Board.  She asked for help with suggestions about what might be done to get more people interested.  There are over 700 people in GH but only a few take an active role in being Board members.  There are only eight members on the Board for 2015.  There should be nine to have a full complement.  Board members can be added during the year.  New blood is needed to keep an active board aware and involved for the good of the community.    She reminded everyone that the Board is trying to do what they think is right for the community.


Judy Trier moved that the meeting be adjourned.  It was seconded by Shirley Kuznarik.  The motion was passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM 

Submitted:  Millie Grime, Secretary