Golf Hammock Owners’ Association
 Meeting Minutes
May 6, 2015


Call to Order: President Hardric McMillon called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.  


Members present: Hardric McMillon, Judy Trier, Victor Divietro, Rose Chupka Cookman, Wendy Hardy, Shirley Kuznarik, John McAngus and Connie Wilhite.  


Minutes: Hardric McMillon presented the April 1, 2015 Special Meeting minutes for approval or correction.  Rose Chupka Cookman made a motion to accept the meeting minutes.  Judy Trier seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously by Board members present.


Hardric McMillon presented the April 1, 2015 General Meeting minutes for approval or correction. Correction to the first line of the President’s report as follows:  Hardric spoke to Mr. Handley and he said an agreement can be done.  There are some problems with our signs which need to be corrected.  He will send a letter with the information we need.  Shirley Kuznarik made a motion to accept the minutes with this clarity.  Connie Wilhite seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously by Board members present.    


Report of officers:

President - Hardric McMillon,382-9579,

Hardric reported that since he is not getting responses from the Commission, he asked Mr. Breed if he could assist in facilitating this. He suggested we contact Mr. Harris, the Commissioner representing this area.  He also said we may have to pay for the sheriff's services. Hardric will follow up.


It was noted that we are all County taxpayers and if we had to pay for the sheriff’s services, we would be effectively paying twice for the same service.  At which point, Victor Divietro questioned why are we keeping the roads private if we are entertaining paying for sheriff patrols through the community.  He stated that another idea would be to turn the roads over to the county, as the only benefit to private roads is the ability to gate the community, because as it stands, we are financially responsible for all the upkeep and maintenance of the roads, and now we are thinking of paying to have them patrolled as well.  (Victor said he is not in favor of this suggestion, but offered it as another approach.  A homeowner commented that he also was not in favor of this idea and it would cause problems for golf cart drivers on our roads.) 


Vice President – Judy Trier,260-242-0612,

Nothing to report.


Treasurer – Victor Divietro, 381-4264,

The beginning balances for the Checking and Savings accounts at MidFlorida Credit Union for the month of April were $46,360.14 and $243,370.43 respectively.  Income for the month totaled $1,790.50 primarily from the continued payment of 2015 assessments.  Expenses for the month totaled $6,408.47.  For a net activity of negative $4,617.97 for the month.  Leaving an ending balance in the Checking account of $42,482.28 and the Savings remaining at $243,370.43.  Below is the monthly banking activity report.


The GHOA has not received an invoice from Pella for their services.  Also mentioned, Pella is not interested in gaining “read only” access to our bank accounts at MidFlorida.  Pella prefers to work directly with the GHOA Treasurer.  Homeowners were provided handouts of the report (which is listed in the above paragraph). 


Secretary – Rose Chupka Cookman, 385-2402,

There is one vacant Board position.  We are requesting volunteers.  Also, if anyone is interested in working on a committee, we are taking volunteers as well.  Board members are presently covering additional duties.


Victor Divietro certified that he read the GHOA declaration of covenants, articles of incorporation, by-laws and current written rules and policies required under Florida Statute 720.3033(1)(a).  This certification remains valid throughout his tenure on the Board. 


We do not plan to meet during the summer months June, July and August.  However, if an emergency meeting is needed, we will post signs at the front and west entrances prior to the meeting.  Have a great summer and see you in the Fall.  Thank you.


Reports by Committees:

Common Grounds: John McAngus,440-935-4708, 

Drain culvert box cover has not been installed west of Divot Lane.  It needs replaced, and this will be worked on over the summer.


Three bids were sent but only one received by Brooker Fence Company to repair a fence for a homeowner along Duffer Road (as reported in the March meeting).

     Option 1 - 40 feet of 6' high galvanized chain link, $875.00 plus permit


     Option 2 - 40 feet of 4 board rail fence with 4" wire, $825.00 plus permit


The Board requested John McAngus obtain a bid for a hog wire fence to replace the existing fence on Duffer Road rather than  the bid received for a galvanized chain link or a board rail fence.  Hardric requested a motion.  Judy Trier made a motion to replace the fence with hog wire (as done with other fences along Duffer Road) at a cost to the GHOA.  If the homeowner wants either of the two fences above, the additional cost for those types of fences would be paid by the homeowner.  Rose Chupka Cookman seconded the motion.  It was passed unanimously by Board members present.


It was also suggested that owners along Duffer Road can add “No Trespass” signs in their backyard on their individual properties if they want it. 


Violations/Complaints:Judy Trier, 260-242-0612,

Seven violation letters were written during the month of April as follows:


  • Two letters for boats in driveways
  • One letter for utility trailer in driveway
  • One letter for parking in the street
  • One letter concerning trimming of shrubs
  • One letter requesting dogs be on leashes when not in fenced yard
  • One request to clean up back yard and remove poly shed.


When calling or writing me about a complaint, please give me the street name and house number. The more information you can give me, the quicker I can get to the offenders. Thank you all for your cooperation.  Please send all future complaints or suggestions to Judy Trier at or call 260-242-0612.  Judy Trier


Lakes/Clubhouse: Wendy Hardy,414-3727,



The Clubhouse had its usual 2nd and 4th Tuesday card nights; and its 3rd Thursday game night.  They were attended each by 10-14 residents and non-residents.  There were no rentals or inquiries about renting the Clubhouse. 


The library seems to be getting used regularly, as well as the magazines.  I ask to please refrain from dropping any more books off since we do not have any more room.  Thank you, Wendy Hardy


(Board and homeowners suggested professional signs be made for the social activities at the Clubhouse.  Wendy will be obtaining new signs to post at the front and west entrances).



All the lakes were sprayed by boat in April.  The report shows the lakes in good shape.  I did have a call from a concerned homeowner about Lake Elaine and told him all was sprayed and it would take awhile (up to 90 days) for that to take effect, but I would be keeping an eye on it.  Also, I received a call about the aerator on Lake Judy.  I called Vertex.  They came out and checked the system and assured me all the pressure readings were up to par and all was working as it should be.  Thank you.  Wendy Hardy


Architecture:Shirley Kuznarik, 382-3656,

Nothing to report for April.   Respectfully submitted by Shirley Kuznarik.


Roads/Signs/Lights/Culverts/Lots:  Hardric McMillon, 382-9579,

1.  Street Lights located at main entrance and in front of 3010 Duffer Road were cycling on and off. I reported it

     to Duke Energy and they were repaired.


2.  Several posts located on Par Road and at Mulligan and Par were leaning.  They were straightened and stabilized.


3.  Two sign posts required miscellaneous work.


4.  Rusted sign posts located at Mulligan and Mulligan Ct. East and West were sanded and painted.


5.  Filled in pothole on Par Road.


Thanks to Curtis Passafume and Don Brewer for their assistance.  Submitted by: Hardric McMillon


Hardric also made a request to increase the paving project that is scheduled for the summer; as it appeared, no Board Members were interested in changing the previously approved project; Hardric withdrew his request.


Newsletter:  Rose Chupka Cookman, 385-2402,

The May newsletter will be the last one until September 2015.   There will be no newsletter in June, July or August.  The May newsletter will be distributed circa May 22 timeframe.


Millie Anderson, Shirley Kuznarik and Connie Wilhite volunteered to form a newsletter ad committee with me.  We will be meeting on May 22 to brainstorm ideas on how to obtain ads for our newsletter, and we will be canvassing businesses during the Summer months.  We are hopeful we can report success in September.  Have a great Summer.  Thank you. 


Data Base/Directory/Website/Visitations:  Connie Wilhite, 658-1854,



We are very sad to announce Ellyn Scholl-Losse and Trish Broksch have resigned as the Welcoming Committee. Ellyn and Trish have worked very hard and made it look effortless, which it definitely was not! You both will be sorely missed and we wish you all the best. We, on the Board, as well as the community as a whole, thank you for such tireless commitment to the GH Community.  It was always very much appreciated.


Joyce Rowe has volunteered to be on the Welcoming Committee and I will be assisting. We would appreciate more volunteers as there are sometimes commitments, etc., that arise and assistance is needed. Please consider volunteering to help whenever the need arises, not just with the Welcoming but also with other areas. It could be on a case by case, but it would be wonderful to know we have on record people we can call upon who are willing to assist whenever possible, wherever needed. Please let us know.


Again, a huge THANK YOU Ellyn and Trish.



Shout Outs are e-mails advising situations that affect the community as a whole.  They are totally separate from the “Subscribe/Unsubscribe” program.


Any officer on the GHOA Board has permission to issue a Shout Out. This Shout Out request will be sent to the Webmaster who will then send the Shout Out to all who have given written consent to receive it. The Board Officer issuing the Shout Out will, as a courtesy, send an e-mail notification copy to all other Board Members.  The Database Coordinator has all hard copies of signed permissions.


This is a courtesy to our residents and the Webmaster will NOT be held liable for content or timely submission due to things out of her control.



A brand new GHOA website is under construction. The new design has many great features including:

• Fresh color palettes for background and text.

• List Builder—Announcements/news/events.

• Document Center — Centralized page for all documents. Side navigation menu for each association.

• New print/view feature for documents — view with zoom controls, print, save documents without being redirected to google drive.

• By-Laws and Covenants pages will have anchors for going to specific sections of the page. A great feature that allows the visitor to find what they are looking for without having to scroll.

• A structured home page that is better suited for advertisements.

Subscribers that signed up for changes to the website will received a notification when the new site goes live. If anyone has suggestions/requests for the new site, kindly send an email to GHOA Webmaster Ruthie O’Neill at


A demonstration by Ruthie of this new website is scheduled for Saturday, May 9, for me, Rose Chupka Cookman and Shirley Kuznarik.


Visitations:  There were two visitations for the month of April.


Neighborhood Watch:  Volunteers needed.


Old Business:  

(See report under Common Ground)


(Note:  During the Workshop, the Board postponed amending any by-laws or covenants until Summer 2016.  The Board apologizes forgetting to mention this at the general meeting.)    


New Business: None


Homeowners present at the meeting:

Jake and Gail Mayer, Fred and Nora Norton, Millie Anderson, Jim Wilhite, Joyce Rowe, Lou Howard, Linda Fisher, Nancy Beatty, Cindy Bowser, Mary Hulsey, Millie Grime, Judy McLaughlin, Fred and Diane Heyeck, Trish Broksch, Ellyn Scholl-Losse, Bob Warrington, Cecilia Warrington and Jim Cookman.


Homeowner comments:

  • A homeowner asked why social activity signs were paid out of GHOA funds.  Response:  The GHOA rents the Clubhouse and endorses the social activities and use of the Clubhouse.  Homeowners who use the Clubhouse pay a social membership fee and the social activities provide $1,470 in income.  


  • A homeowner asked how many “hits” have been made on our GHOA website.  (The Board will look into that and report back in September).


  • A homeowner thanked the Board for their work and asked what to do when an alligator is found in one of our lakes.  Response:  Alligator are considered endangered species in Florida and Florida Fish and Wildlife (FFW) should be called.  However, only nuisance and certain size alligators will be removed.  If an alligator is spotted in GH and FFW needs to be called; only GH homeowners can report the sighting. Homeowners should not try to touch or remove the reptile themselves.


  • A homeowner suggested the names and phone numbers of Board and Committee members be posted at the Clubhouse.  Response:  The Board will provide a listing in the display case entering the Clubhouse on the driving range side of the golf course.


  • A homeowner spoke about the spirit of GH and how the Clubhouse provides a “feel” of community.  The Clubhouse has a recycle program, library and social activities which are open to all homeowners.


  • A homeowner asked when it is appropriate to comment during the general meeting.  Response:  The Board suggests homeowners comment after the specific report is read if they have any questions on that report.  After all the reports are read, homeowners, who have signed in to speak, are given four minutes to speak on their topic.  The Board also will modify how they report to the homeowners by ending their report with “are there any questions” so homeowners can comment at that time.


Announcement of next workshop/meeting:  There will be no Summer meetings and if one needs to be called, signs will be posted at the front and west entrances announcing the meeting.


The next scheduled meeting is September 2, 2015 (5:45 P.M. Workshop – followed at 7:00 P.M. for the general meeting at the Clubhouse).               


Motion to adjourn the meeting: Hardric McMillon requested a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Rose Chupka Cookman made the motion and it was seconded by Shirley Kuznarik.  It was unanimously approved by all Board members present.  The meeting ended at approximately 7:50 P.M.


Submitted by:  Rose Chupka Cookman, Secretary