Special Meeting of the GHOA Board Thursday, September 17, 2015 5:30 P.M. (Clubhouse)



Call to order: Interim President Connie Wilhite called the special meeting of the Board at 5:30 P.M., Thursday, September 17, 2015. (Board members were notified of this meeting via email on September 4, 2015. Notice of the meeting was posted on the website and in the display case at the clubhouse on September 9, 2015).


Members present: Connie Wilhite, Rose Chupka Cookman, Victor Divietro, Shirley Kuznarik, Millie Anderson, Nancy Beatty, J.P. Fane, Mark Wolczak, George Kibe


Purpose: The purpose was to hold a reorganization meeting to fill the two vacant officer positions and vacant committees. (This was a restructuring meeting only; no other business was addressed or conducted).


Discussions: Connie opened discussions and asked for volunteers.


George Kibe volunteered to take the president position. Connie requested a motion be made. Shirley Kuznarik made the motion to accept George as president. Nancy Beatty seconded the motion. Those in favor: Victor Divietro, Rose Chupka Cookman, Mark Walczak, Millie Anderson, JP Fane, Shirley and Nancy.


(Fyi--Connie, as interim president, did not vote and the president votes only in the event of a tie regarding any motion.)

Mark Walczak volunteered to take the vice president position. Connie requested a motion be made. Victor made the motion to accept Mark as vice president. JP seconded the motion. Those in favor: Rose, George, Millie, Shirley, Nancy, Victor and JP.


George Kibe then took over as president for the duration of the meeting. Non-agenda discussions took place while reviewing the various committees. Several committees were restructured and volunteers came forward at this meeting (and previously) as follows:


Nancy -- Chairperson, Ponds and Lakes (Nancy plans to form a committee of homeowners, who live on each lake to oversee and report problems on that specific lake. Jim Wilhite volunteered to watch over Mills Pond and Andy Provence previously expressed an interest in watching Lake Clara).


Mark and JP -- Co-Chairs for Common Grounds, includes fences, roads, signs, lights, electrical, tree trimming and landscaping the front and west entrances. Cindy Bowser has already volunteered to assist with landscaping the front and west entrances.


Shirley -- Clubhouse Chairperson. Shirley agreed to monitor scheduling of the facility, provide reporting on clubhouse usage/activities, current outreach programs, and inform the Board on any new projects being contemplated prior to implementing them. Sign in sheets will not be required for clubhouse activities. Wendy Hardy will continue as committee volunteer. The future of the clubhouse will be voted on in the November general meeting. Ideas to cut costs for the rent were discussed. A suggestion to begin charging an estoppels fee was mentioned. 


Additional discussions continued as follows: Directory/Database – it is an excel spreadsheet that always needs updated. How best to keep it updated and respect privacy of information on it was discussed. A suggestion was made to place the directory on the website and password it for homeowners, along with other information, for the sake of privacy.


Welcoming/Street Captains – Connie oversees the two committees. Joyce Rowe is the chairperson for the Welcoming committee. Kathy Hill has volunteered to be on the welcoming committee with Joyce. Cindy Bowser is currently the chair for the street captains. To date, GHOA has approximately 20 street captains. Discussions involved on how to get more street captains (will advertise in the newsletter and website) and perhaps provide new homeowners with “magnets” of important numbers and the website rather than giving out the GH license plate frame.


Violations/Complaints – Millie continues as interim chair. (October general meeting will have a discussion on the green handout of standing rules that have been given to residents a few years ago. George mentioned that he had already asked Millie Grime to assist him in obtaining this information since she aided in putting the pamphlet together).


Newsletter – Rose will continue with the newsletter until December 2015. The future of the newsletter will be voted on in the November general meeting.


Architecture – Shirley will continue as chairperson.


Neighborhood Watch – Ivan Shapow has agreed to volunteer as chairperson. Bill Anderson has volunteered to assist him. They will be meeting with Nell Hayes on September 24 to begin discussions on implementing the neighborhood watch program.


The following committee will remain vacant until a volunteer is found.




Homeowners present: Becky Kibe, Wayne and Bonnie Wolfe, Ellyn Scholl-Losse, Millie Grime, Linda Matthews, Wendy Hardy, Kay Woodward, Marge Schindewolf, Linda Fisher, Barbara Akus, Jim Cookman, Jim Wilhite.


(After business was completed, homeowners were asked if they had any comments or questions. None were mentioned directly to the Board).


Motion to Adjourn: Newly elected president George Kibe called for a motion to adjourn the special meeting. Shirley made a motion to adjourn the special meeting. It was seconded by Victor. Those voted in favor: Rose, Mark, JP, Millie, Connie, Nancy, Shirley, and Victor. The Special Meeting ended approximately 6:50 P.M.


Submitted by: Rose Chupka Cookman, Secretary