August 19, 2015       5:30 PM


Purpose: To hold a “get-to-know-you” gathering where questions and ideas are freely shared among Board members and those homeowners who expressed an interest in filling a vacant Board position.


Called to order by Interim President Connie Wilhite at 5:31 PM.


Present: Connie Wilhite, Victor Divietro, Millie Anderson, Shirley Kuznarik

Absent: Rose Chupka Cookman, John McAngus


Connie explained the purpose of this meeting. Each Board member introduced himself/herself and included a brief background. Then each of the prospective Board members introduced himself/herself. 

They were: Nancy Beatty, JP Fane, Mark Walczak, George Kibe 

                     Vivian Benvenuto also expressed interest earlier but could not attend. 


These questions were asked of each of the four volunteers present:

  • Why would you like to join the GHOA Board?

  • Do you live in Golf Hammock full-time? (All responded, yes.)

  • What expertise will you bring to the Board?

  • Emailing is important for our communicating with one another. Do you send/receive emails? 

               (All responded, yes.)


Questions from the audience

Q: Where can we get copies of By-Laws, Covenants, Rules, etc?

A: By-Laws, Covenants, Rules, etc. are posted on our website. Statutes are online. Meeting minutes 

     also are posted on our website.


Q: Who will hold what position on the Board?

A: Once the three vacancies are filled, the Board will meet and reorganize itself.


Ivan Shapow expressed an interest in volunteering, especially in Neighborhood Watch.


Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM.


After the meeting, a few homeowners remained and chatted.


Respectfully submitted,


Millie Anderson, Temporary Secretary


Homeowners Present:

Nancy Beatty, Sandra Turner, Saundra Batty, Lois Worthington, Nancy Porcari, George Kibe, Jim Wilhite, 

Millie Grime, Wendy Hardy, Patsy White, JP Fane, Mark Walczak, Ivan & Susana Shapow