Golf Hammock Owners’ Association Meeting

April 1, 2015

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 7:10 P.M. by President Hardric McMillon.


Members present:  Hardric McMillon, Judy Trier, Victor Divietro, Rose Chupka Cookman, Wendy Hardy, Connie Wilhite, Shirley Kuznarik.


Absent:  John McAngus  


Minutes: Hardric McMillon presented the March 4, 2015 meeting minutes for approval, correction and/or amendments.  Judy Trier made a motion to accept the minutes and Connie Wilhite seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved by all Board members present. 


Report of officers:

President - Hardric McMillon,382-9579,


Hardric received a verbal confirmation from the County Commission office in regards to the letter he sent requesting for a waiver to allow Sheriff patrols into GH.  A letter from the County will be forthcoming.  During Hardric’s conversation with the Sheriff’s office, there was a question whether some of the signs posted inside the community may not be in compliance with specific measurements required by the State.  Victor DiVietro commented that Florida Statute 316 may allow the Sherrif’s office to charge GH since our roads are considered private but with public access.  Hardric said that once the letter is received, more research will be completed before any waiver request goes forward.


Vice President – Judy Trier,260-242-0612,

Nothing to report for March.


Treasurer –

Our savings account balance as of March 1st was $168,361.64. We transferred $75,000.00 from our checking account into the savings and had interest earned of $8.79.  The current savings balance as of 3/31/15 is $243,370.43.  The balance in our checking account as of March 1st was $121,193.82.  We had income totaling $2,546.95, of this $1405.50 was MahJong dues, $30 clubhouse use fee, newsletter ad $25.00, Interest income $8.79, assessments of $500.16, fees $577.50.  Expenses totaled $5,695.34.  $400.00 clubhouse rent, $2,751.25 to common grounds, $1,549.87 to lighting, $225 to Sebring Christian Church for use of their facilities for our annual meeting and yard sale, office supplies of $34.22, $675.00 website maintenance, and $60 for foreclosed property lot expense. We transferred $75,000.00 to our saving account giving us an ending balance of $46,360.14.  Filed and audited.  Respectfully submitted, Judy Trier 


Secretary – Rose Chupka Cookman, 385-2402,

We would like to thank Millie Anderson for writing the nice tribute to Sandy Todd that appeared in our March newsletter.  With the exception of our new Board member, Victor DiVietro, all other members have certified that they have read the GHOA declaration of covenants, articles of incorporation, by-laws and current written rules and policies required under Florida Statute 720.3033(1)(a).  This certification remains valid throughout their tenure on the Board. Thank you.


Reports by Committees:

Common Grounds:  John McAngus, 440-935-4708, 

Nothing to report for the month of March.


Violations/Complaints:  Judy Trier, 260-242-0612,

Three violation letters were written during the month of March for these violations:

  •     Sign in yard

  •     Utility trailer in yard

  •     Parking on lawn


When calling or writing about a complaint, please give me the street name and house number. The more information you can give me the quicker I can get to the offenders.  Thank you all for your cooperation.


Lakes/Clubhouse: Wendy Hardy,414-3727,

Nothing to report for the month of March.


Architecture:  Shirley Kuznarik, 382-3656,

Preliminary plan review of a swimming pool, addition to existing patio; approved a screened enclosure and addition to the existing patio, and a painted driveway.  Respectfully submitted by Shirley Kuznarik.


Roads/Signs/Lights/Culverts:  Hardric McMillon, 382-9579,

Five letters were sent to companies requesting bids to repave the roads listed below:

  1. Golf Hammock Drive(circle around clubhouse)

  2. 9th Tee Court

  3. Lost Ball Court

  4. Par Lane

  5. Bunker Drive (circle to Lost Ball)

  6. Country Club Road (sent later)


I received one legitimate bid from Excavation Point Inc.

One vendor indicated it was too far and one vendor sent a bid for sealing.  The others didn’t respond.  Submitted by Hardric McMillon.


Newsletter:  Rose Chupka Cookman, 385-2402,

  • We are looking to expand advertising in our newsletter since it helps defray the publishing cost and cost of the website.  Please let me know if you know of any businesses who are interested in advertising.  Our monthly rates are as follows:  $25 for a quarter page; $50 for a half page; and $100 for a full page ad.


  • Information for the newsletter and website is generally released at the same time, around the third week of the month. (Note:  Next newsletter will be published the week of April 19.  There will be no newsletter in June, July and August.)


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: I am looking for volunteers to assist me in obtaining advertisements for our newsletter.  Volunteers would call or visit various companies, restaurants, etc. and ask if they would like to advertise in our newsletter.  (Note:  With the publication of the newsletter and website, our 2015 costs are expected to be approximately $6,700.  Obtaining ads would help defray some of our costs).  Thank you.


Data Base/Directory/Website:  Connie Wilhite, 658-1854,


Subscribe for Website Updates:

  •  The Subscribe for Updates is a free service with no start-up costs that will keep website visitors updated on changes and upgrades made to the GH website, including announcements, news feeds and new items listed on the GHOA Bay page. 


  • Anyone interested will need to sign up using the Subscribe Now Button on the home page. Subscribers will be able to stay updated and connected to the site.  No personal information will be collected when subscribers sign up and you will have the option of unsubscribing.  The main goal is to engage visitors by giving them a reason to keep coming back to the website. This can also increase the site's web presence and traffic. 


  • This new addition to the website will be put in the next newsletter along with posting on our website.


  • This is NOT associated with the Shout Out Program which is used for urgent or critical information only, not for general information/updates.


Notice on Website - Directory

I have put a notice on the home page of our website reminding everyone a new directory will be out in Jan 2016 and any additions, corrections, deletions, etc, be sent to me. This does not take the place of Street Captains, but will assist in the effort to publish a correct, complete directory. As it gets closer to publication, I will put a deadline date on the web notice.


Visitations:  Ellyn Scholl-Losse, 385-6294, and Trish Broksch, 471-3737,

Trish and Ellyn had one visitation for the month of March.


Neighborhood Watch:  Volunteer needed.


Old Business

  • Custom Print Shop, Lakeland, is a single supplier company, providing monthly printing services for the GHOA newsletter and yearly ballot and proxy mailouts.  They have been working with the GHOA since 2003.  From institutional memory of former Board members, Custom Print Shop was the only print shop interested in doing our newsletter and yearly mailouts.  To date, they have provided prompt, quality service and reasonable rates.  A motion was requested by Hardric McMillon to continue using them for 2015.  Connie Wilhite made the motion and it was seconded by Shirley Kuznarik.  It passed unanimously by Board members present.  (Breakdown of costs:  $432.88 to setup and print 180, 8 page newsletters monthly.  Additional pages-$18.00 per page, but we are getting a discount of $10.00 per page.  Black ink is the standard ink color and no extra fees on the newsletter.  Postage, first class and stuffing envelope for 161 newsletters is $97.75; 8 page setup is $80.00, folding all 8 pages is $56.65, printing 8 pages is $198.48.  Extra newsletters are hand-delivered to the newsletter chairperson and then distributed at the clubhouse box.


  • Proxy mailing is a separate cost to process due to a larger mailout and sent first class.  Breakdown of last proxy mailing of 778 is as follows:  (#9 envelopes for return mailing-$63.00; #10 envelopes to mail inside-$78.76; proxy/voting sheet two-sided-$186.98, voting instruction sheet two-sided-discounted at $173.32; stuffing fee for all items-$70.00; postage and metering costs first class-$552.41.


  • Newsletter Advertising Costs for 2015 were approved as follows:  $100 full page; $50 half page; $25 for quarter page.  Charges are for one month in both the newsletter and GHOA website.  Discounts may be considered for ads running for a minimum of three months or more.  If a vendor pays for one full year, we keep their ad on the website for June, July and August.  Eight newsletters are published yearly.  Shirley made a motion to continue to approve the 2015 advertising costs and Victor DiVietro seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously by Board members present.


New Business:


  • Hardric requested a motion to accept the bid from Excavation Point Inc. for paving the following roads:  9th Tee Court, Lost Ball Court, Par Lane, Bunker Drive(Circle to Lost Ball), Country Club Road; in the amount of $51,763.00 with expected completion of work by June 30, 2015.  Judy made the motion to accept the bid and it was seconded it by Rose Chupka Cookman.  It passed unanimously by Board members present. 


  • A discussion was done concerning the trimming of trees growing on private property that may have low limbs hanging over the roadway, which might interfere with road traffic.  Since this property is considered common ground, it is felt GHOA holds the responsibility to trim these branches as long as the trimming itself does not damage the trees.


  • A builder questioned the GHOA restriction of posting signs.  He wanted his sign posted so subcontractors can easily spot the lot as well as delivery trucks carrying materials and supplies.  Our current by-laws only permit a “for sale” sign being posted.  Hardric suggested a committee be formed to review rules and regulations and perhaps update by-laws.  This will be further discussed at the May meeting.


  • A homeowner suggested to Hardric that a memorial plaque be placed at the front entrance on behalf of Sandy Todd.  Both Board and homeowners discussed the proposal and did not feel it would be appropriate.


Homeowners present at the meeting:  

Millie Anderson, William Bauer, Jim Wilhite, Richard Johnson, Joyce Rowe, Sandi Kelley, Phyllis Hargrave, Jim Cookman.


Homeowner comments:

  • Homeowner witnessed cars cutting the corner of Dog Leg and damaging the owner’s lawn.  Since the area in question is road rightaway, the Board will visit the area and see what action can be done.


  • Homeowner asked what could be done to stop the shooting that occurred this past weekend; constant noise and possibility of a stray bullet coming into GH.  The Sheriff’s office can be contacted.  However, the Sheriff says their hands are tied since it is on private property (with the homeowners living outside the states) and there are no “No Trespassing” signs posted on the property.


  • Homeowner wants speed tables and would like one on Par Road.


  • Homeowner asked if something can be done with people driving their golf carts the wrong way around the circle.  Homeowner reported this to the Pro Shop without any response.  The homeowner also reported that if signs were posted mentioning “golf carts, golf cart area, etc.” the GHOA would be liable for any damages in the event of an accident.  (Note:  GH is not a golf cart community as defined by the State.)  Homeowner suggested that “All traffic one way arrows” be painted on the roads circling the golf club; or “All traffic one way” signs be posted around the golf club.  Also, the swimming pool shrubs need to be trimmed so people leaving that area can have a better view of the road.  Homeowner reiterated that any signs must be “non specific” in nature; such as “all traffic.”


  • Homeowner commented how dogs (looking like hunting dogs) were running free and causing problems for walkers and people walking dogs.  It was noted that the Sheriff’s Office was called but the dogs’ homeowner did not answer the door.  It was suggested the next time the dogs roam the neighborhood, that animal control be called.  A violation letter is also being sent to the homeowner.


Motion to adjourn:  Hardric requested a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Victor made the motion and Judy seconded it.  The motion passed unanimously by Board members present.  Meeting ended at 8:00 P.M.


Next workshop and meeting is May 4, 2015.  Workshop: 5:45; followed by general meeting at 7:00 pm


Submitted by:  Rose Chupka Cookman, Secretary