Golf Hammock Owners' Association Reorganization Meeting
January 17, 2015 


On January 17, 2015 at 3:05 pm, a reorganization meeting took place directly after the annual homeowners’ meeting.  Board members gathered to elect officers and assign committees.  No monetary decisions were undertaken at this meeting.


Discussions occurred as follows:  election of officers, time and dates of 2015 workshops and general meetings, update on police to monitor traffic for February 14 flea market, and suggestions on how to terminate lawn waste being thrown on Bogey Boulevard (around the 7th golf course tee).


It was agreed to conduct both the workshop and general meeting on the first Wednesday of the month as follows:  workshop begins at 5:45 pm followed by the general meeting at 7:00 pm.  


In addition, Judy Trier provided an update on traffic monitoring for the February 14 flea market.  The sheriff’s office had not yet responded to our request for an officer to help contain traffic flow on Hammock Road.  Suggestions were made to look into a security firm if an officer could not be obtained.  (As noted in previous newsletters, the cost of such presence would be paid for by the participants in the flea market.)  Judy also mentioned that a section of the common area at the end of Bogey Boulevard near the 7th tee was being used as a lawn waste dump.  John and Judy will check the area to determine a course of action and/or whether to add a posted sign, if necessary.


Members of the 2015 Board are as follows:

 President - Hardric McMillon (Committee: Roads/Signs/Culverts)

 Vice President - Judy Trier (Committee: Violations/Complaints)

 Treasurer - Sandy Todd (Committee: Entrances/Landscape/Lots)

 Secretary - Rose Chupka Cookman (Committee: Newsletter)

 Connie Wilhite (Committee: Database/Directory/Street Captains/Website)

John McAngus (Committee: Common Grounds)

Shirley Kuznarik (Committee: Architecture)

Wendy Hardy (Committee: Lakes/Canals/Clubhouse)

(One vacant Board position)


Reorganization meeting ended at 4:00 pm.  Shirley Kuznarik made a motion to accept the new Board reorganization and 2015 workshop and meeting schedule.  Connie Wilhite second the motion.  Motion passed unanimously by Board members present.


(Noted:  Shirley Kuznarik advised the Board that because of another commitment on February 4, she may not be able to attend and requested to be excused).


Judy Tier made a motion to end the reorganization meeting.  Connie Wilhite second the motion.  Motion passed unanimously by Board members present.


Board members absent:  Wendy Hardy and John McAngus.


Next workshop is Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 5:45 pm;  followed by the General Meeting at 7:00 pm.  


Submitted by:  Rose Chupka Cookman, Incoming Secretary