The January 9, 2019 Meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Ed Chroscinski at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Meeting Room. Board members in attendance were Ed Chroscinski, Nancy Beatty, Carl Scaggs, Bob Henderson, and Lillian Kachelries. There were 26 residents in attendance.

MINUTES: The minutes of the December 5, 2018 meeting were emailed and posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood Commons. The minutes were also posted on the Golf Hammock website. The motion carried to approve the

minutes as written.



Mrs. Beatty gave the following report:

Started December      $60,773.52

Maintenance                   2,250.00

Total                              63,023.52

Expenses                      15,153.29

Started January          $47,870.22


There was a discussion concerning residents making maintenance fee payments late. The following is a letter that explains the late maintenance fee policy that has been approved by the Board. 


This letter is to inform you that your 1st quarter maintenance fee is late. Starting April 1, 2019 if your payment is received after the 15th of each quarter you will be charged a late fee of $25.00. Payments are due by the 15th of the quarter. If you are late 3 times in a year, next year you will have to pay the full $1,080.00. Remember you can pay for the full year $1,080.00 or $540.00 for half year.


Cormorant Point Board

Nancy Beatty, Treasurer


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Mr. Chroscinski stated that future meetings of the Board of Directors would be held at the Sebring Christian Church, located next to the west entrance to Golf Hammock. The reason for this is because of the increase for renting the Activity Building from $400.00 per month to $700.00 per month. The meeting would be on a Wednesday at 3:00 pm. The Board of Directors Meeting will be February 6 at 3:00 pm at the Sebring Christian Church. 


(Since this meeting it has been decided that the February 6, 2019 Cormorant Point Board of Directors Meeting will be held in the Golf Hammock Activity Building at 4:00 pm).

Mr. Chroscinski reported that the Audit Committee had completed the yearly audit and all accounts have been reported properly. 


Mr. Chroscinski stated that the review of the Bylaws had been completed. The Covenants have not been changed. The document is now with the Association’s attorney. When it is finalized and reprinted each homeowner will be required to sign for their new copy. We will try to give you update information before or at the Annual Picnic.



A. CORRESPONDENCE: Mrs. Beatty read a letter from Mr. Jim Dubberly, President of Lawn Masters of Highlands. He thanked the Association for the generous Christmas bonus and also for the 30 years that his company has been maintaining the lawns of Cormorant Point. He was also grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the owners of Cormorant Point.

B. VIOLATIONS/PROPERTY COMPLIANCE: Mr. Henderson reported that he did not have any complaints during this month. He said that there are a few houses that need to be painted. However, each homeowner knows when their home needs painting. He also has a list of contractors available. There was only 1 post light that was out and that was on the vacant house. There was a discussion about the Annual Picnic.


C. ARCHITECTURAL/LANDSCAPING: Mr. Scaggs stated he did not have any permits during this month. He reported that Sherwin Williams had agreed to give all the homeowners of Cormorant Point a permanent discount for all the outside paint. This is available only at the Sherwin Williams located at 1132 Lakeview Drive in Sebring. This is the south Sebring store. There was a discussion about installing utility lights on the streets. It was stated that this was discussed several years ago and since the lights would have to be installed on each owner’s property that the owner would have to pay for the light. The homeowners did not want to do this. There was a discussion about installing solar panels. It was mentioned this was discussed several years ago also. It was decided this would need to be researched and then brought before the Board.


D. WELCOMING: Mrs. Kachelries reported she visited 2 new homeowners this month: Mrs. Janice Rubsam and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Whittaker.


OLD BUSINESS: There was no old business.


NEW BUSINESS: There was no new business.


MEMBERS COMMENTS: There was a question about adjustment to the swells. Mr. Chroscinski stated that he would talk to Golf Hammock.

REMINDER: ANNUAL PICNIC February 9, 2019 at the Waterwood Commons 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm Everything is provided!

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned by Mr. Chroscinski.

The next monthly meeting will be February 6, 2019 at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Activity Building. These minutes were transcribed from a recording. I was not at the Meeting.

Joyce Lawrence

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