The March 7, 2018 meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Ed Chroscinski at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Club Meeting Room.  Board members in attendance were Ed Chroscinski, John Donohue, Joyce Lawrence, Nancy Beatty, Bob Henderson, Carl Scaggs, and Lillian Kachelries.  There were 18 people in attendance including 7 Board members.


MINUTES The minutes of the February 7, 2018 meeting were emailed and posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood Commons.  The minutes were also on the Golf Hammock website.  The minutes were approved as written and unanimously accepted.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  The opening balance was $111,541.94 with income of $16,570.00 and expenses of $15,256.95 leaving a current balance of $112,854.99.  There was a discussion concerning late payments. Mrs. Beatty stated that she had mailed late payment letters to 20 owners.  There were still 5 owners who have not paid. It was brought up that we raise the late penalty fee to 25% of the quarterly amount due plus attorney fees if required.  This was tabled until the April Board meeting because by law there has to be 7 to 14 days notice to change By-Laws.  See the Treasurer’s Report Attachment.


VICE-PRESIDENT REPORT:   The roofing material has been removed from 3100 Sugar Pine Circle and the lawn is damaged.  He stated that much work has been done since the hurricane but there is still a lot to do.  The lawn is now crabgrass with dollarweed.  The homeowner needs to have the lawn re-sodded.


Mr. Donohue reported that the 11 recorded amendments voted on and approved since 2009 must be distributed to all homeowners. This was supposed to be done within 30 days after being recorded. He also stated that the Association is in violation of State Law because this has not been done. There was a motion to print and distribute the amendments to all homeowners in Cormorant Point. There was no second and the motion was denied at this time. There was a motion to form a committee under the Vice-President for resolution of the by-laws and covenants.  The motion carried. Mr. Keith Coultas stated that he has a electronic  copy of  windows version of the By-laws dated 2009 and that he and the Vice-President and the committee will work on bringing the amendments up to date. Once this is completed it will be taken to the County and recorded and then given to all the homeowners and the Golf Hammock website. It should also then be given to realtors. There have been 11 amendments since 2009 and 2 amendments are unverifiable through past Cormorant Point board minutes. There was a discussion about what was on the amendments. Mrs. Beatty stated some of the items were maintenance dues changed from $80.00 to $90.00, shingles and satellites.  There was a motion to retroactively approve the 2 unverifiable amendments. Carl seconded the motion and the motion carried.  It was stated that most people received the recorded amendments. The new people to the community receive them with the welcome packet. 


The 2 unverifiable addendum amendments ratified:  


Article VI. Exterior Antennas and Satellite Dishes


Paragraph 2: Replace “(thirty) 30 inches” with “(forty) 40 inches”  March 4, 2015

Article VII. Violations


Add the following paragraph:


“g. In addition to the above provisions of this section 3, the Association shall be entitled to reimbursement from the owner for its reasonable and necessary costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred in enforcing these covenants and restrictions.  Such costs, if not reimbursed by the owner, shall be a lien in favor of the Association, imposed and enforceable as provided in “Section V.  THE ASSOCIATION; subsection 4, Assessments.” Of the AMENDED PROTECTED COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS FOR CORMORANT POINT.” May 5, 2010.


Mr. Donohue presented a Proposed Addendum Amendments concerning hurricane screening and a discussion followed.  There was a motion and the motion carried to add the following to the original By-Laws.


Article XV. Awnings and Hurricane Shutters

Page 21. Paragraph 2, add the following subparagraph:  “a.  Hurricane screening may be used as a form, fit and function equivalent for hurricane shutters.  Such screening must be of a color consistent with charcoal and the dwelling’s exterior dark brown trim.”


It was stated that there should be an Architectural permit before having shutters, awnings, or screening installed. 


There was a discussion concerning trash containers being seen from the street or put at the street 2 days early.  It was mentioned that this problem was created primarily by the new trash containers.  Bob mentioned that he had talked to some residents about not putting the trash containers in front of the garage. The problem has been corrected. Most everyone complies but it seems to be an on-going problem with a few.  


Mr. Donohue’s report is attached.


VIOLATIONS (Property Compliance):  Mr. Henderson first commented concerning the By-Laws.  He said that we need to be sure to get everything done correctly so that we don’t have to do it again.  He reported that although several violations have been resolved this month a few items need to be addressed:

  • House’s require painting. Each resident knows if their house needs painting.    

  • Driveways need to be cleaned.

  • Brush needs to be removed.

  • Roofs need to be repaired There are 2 residences that need roof repair.

  • Power Tool usage on Sundays. 

There was a discussion about use of power equipment on Sunday to perform yard maintenance or construction.  The By-Laws state that “no work” is to be done on Sunday.  It was mentioned that the By-Laws are not up-to-date for today.  

There was a discussion about planting on your property. A resident can replace plants but The Architectural Board needs to be consulted before planting anything new on your property.  It makes lawn mowing very difficult when these plants are in close proximately to each other.  Mr. Henderson stated that delivery trucks are not permitted on Sunday. 

Mr. Henderson requested new signage for Cormorant Pond North End and Lake Marlene West End.  He also reported that the culvert needs repair between Lake Judy and the canal off Cormorant Point Drive. 

Bob’s Tip of the Month is to perform a basic home inspection.

Mr. Henderson reported that he will be going back north soon and if anyone has issues of compliance they should contact any Board member. Mr. Henderson’s report is attached.

ARCHITECTURAL/LANDSCAPING:  Mr. Scaggs brought up that some homes received roof damage from the hurricane.  However it was not enough damage for insurance to pay.  Mr. Chroscinski stated that residents need to replace shingles to be in compliance with the By-Laws. It was discussed that it is the Board’s responsibility to remind residents to keep their homes in accordance with the By-Laws.  Mr. Scaggs reported that he had 1 request for a satellite dish.  There was a discussion about the type of sod to use for replacement since it is not specified in the By-Laws.  St Augustine and Bahia sod are the 2 most commonly used.  Mr. Scaggs said that the flag pole at the circle needs to be replaced and that he would research for prices this summer and report to the Board in the fall.  He also stated he would check into what it would cost to have the dollarweed spraying from Sunny South added to our lawn maintenance and he would advise the Board in the fall.

It was brought up that there were questions last month about audits and tax returns.  Mrs. Beatty said that she filed the tax return in August 2017 of $61.25  to the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations.  The By-Laws state that there should be an annual audit in support of the annual meeting.  In the past there was a 3 person committee of volunteers that conducted the audit.  There was a motion that was approved to establish an audit committee.

Mr. Scaggs had a brochure about garage doors. The wood doors are no longer available. The new doors are aluminum that look like wood and they do not have windows. They come insulated or not insulated. The company name is Southwood Garage Door and Screens. The door model is a CHI Overhead Door Model 2250 Flush. The Florida windload approved – zone 5.  The cost is approximately $1500.00. 


WELCOMING:  Mrs. Kachelries  stated there were no new people in the community this month.

There was a discussion concerning pets.  The By-Laws state only 2 pets are allowed.  There is no weight restrictions on pets.

Mr. Chroscinski made a motion and it was seconded by Mrs. Beatty to accept all the previous reports.  The motion carried.


OLD BUSINESS:  This has been previously discussed.


NEW BUSINESS:  Mr. Chroscinski made a motion and was seconded by Mr. Scaggs that the Board Secretary purchase a tape recorder for the purpose of recording the Board Minutes. The motion carried.

Mrs. Deb Steuer who is the Secretary to the Golf Hammock Homeowners Association spoke concerning getting information to everyone in Golf Hammock and Cormorant Point.   There is a newsletter printed each month.  If anyone has information to go in the newsletter send it to her at by  the 15th of the month. She will put it in format and send to the web master to include in the newsletter.  The Golf Hammock website is also very informative.  Everyone must register their email address on the website.  Also Next Door Golf Hammock has information.

MEMBER COMMENTS:  Mr. Al Pasinella, who lives at 3403 Waterwood Drive, stated that people have been fishing behind his house. The property behind each house is privately owned and is not considered common area for people to use to fish.  He also asked about the culvert being replaced.  Mrs. Beatty reported that  new cement pipes are being installed to help the flow of water.


The meeting was adjourned by Mr. Chroscinski. The next scheduled Board meeting is April 4, 2018 at the Golf Hammock meeting room at 4:00 pm. 


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