The March 6, 2019 Meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Ed Chroscinski at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Meeting Room.  Board members in attendance were Ed Chroscinski, Marian Bullard, Bob Henderson, Lillian Kachelries, and Joyce Lawrence.  There were 15 residents in attendance.  There was a quorum present of 5 Board members.



Minutes: The minutes of the February 6, 2019 meeting were emailed,   posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood Commons and also posted on the Golf Hammock website.  A motion was made by Mr. Chroscinski and seconded by Mr. Henderson to accept the minutes as written.  The motion carried.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Mrs. Lawrence read the Treasurer’s Report.


Started February                      $129,104.49                                                           



Bank return                                          12.00

Maintenance Fees                        10,822.00



Lawn Maintenance                       14,147.00

Mileage to Nancy                                36.00

Picnic                                              1,050.76

Fl Dept of State                                    61.25

Ck back to owner                                55.00

Lawn Maintenance                            424.00


Total February 1, 2019            $124,164.48


President’s Report: Mr. Chroscinski reported that the revitalization of the Covenants and Bylaws has been completed by the Committee. Mr. Chroscinski contacted the Association attorney who will provide the wording for the proxy ballot which will be distributed along with the 2019 edition of the Covenants and Bylaws. We hope this can be accomplished prior to our April meeting. If so, and we can get the required 51 percent or more of lot owners who approve this addition of our Covenants and Bylaws, the Association’s attorney will file for Revitalization with the state. In the event we do not accomplish this by the April meeting, we will try for the May meeting. Mr. Chroscinski thanked all the members of the committee for their time and input so far and for seeing it through to its completion.


Vice-President report: There was no report for this month.


Committee Reports:


Violations/Property Compliance: Mr. Henderson reported there were several occurrences of contractors and residents parking on the edge of the roadway with the majority of the vehicle on the grass.  He informed the contractor and resident and the vehicles were moved. The frequency for the last few weeks has been a lot.  There has been a lot of construction on Cormorant Point Drive lately.  Mr. Henderson had a call about nonresidents fishing in the ponds.  He resolved that issue.  Mr. Henderson stated there are several homes that need to be painted. He also wanted to remind the Board that he would be going back north in about 6 weeks and he recommended having someone here full time as Property Compliance.


Architectural/Landscaping: Mr. Scaggs reported he had 1 permit for a garage addition and he has one to research.  He stated he has now moved to Golf Hammock which means there is a vacancy on the Board.


Welcoming: Mrs.  Kachelries reported she has not contacted anyone this month.  She does have 1 new resident she will contact soon.


OLD BUSINESS: There was no Old Business.


NEW BUSINESS: There was no New Business.




Mr. Vanhavermaat reported that the house at 3917 Cormorant Point Drive has trash piled at the back of the house and the post light is not working.  Leros Landscaping trims the shrubs in the front.  Mr. Henderson stated he would contact the landscape company and /or the owner and have the property cleaned up.  The name for this lot is Hazel Young.


There was a discussion about the distribution of the Covenants and Bylaws.  Mr. Chroscinski stated he hoped to have the Covenants and Bylaws distributed in March.  However, we are waiting for the wording for the proxy from our attorney.  When we get the wording for the proxy they will be delivered door to door and asking for a signature that you have received them.  Mrs. Sasher is asking for volunteers to help distribute them door-to-door. The Covenants and Bylaws will be mailed with a return envelope for their proxy to those owners who are not here. Mr. Chroscinski explained that the By-laws have not changed.  The committee did not change or add to the Bylaws. The committee only made the Bylaws easier to understand. This includes the amendments also. There is a list in the beginning of the governing documents of the amended Bylaws & Addendum with the date it was filed.  Anyone can go to the county and review these.  The Covenants and Bylaws will also be given to the realtors.


A resident asked about how many full-time and how many part-time residents we have.  Also how many rentals we have.  She also asked about getting a new directory.  Mr. Chroscinski stated that we do have a list of full-time and part-time residents.  New directories are provided by Golf Hammock.  Mrs. Kachelries has the name of the person to contact.


Mr. Chroscinski asked if anyone knows where to get the globe for the post light.  It was stated that both Lowes and Home Depot have the globe.


There was a discussion about the maintenance of the ponds.   It was stated that Golf Hammock has the responsibility of maintaining the ponds.


Mrs. Bullard made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Mrs. Kachelries. The motion carried.


The next meeting will be April 3, 2019 at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Meeting Room.

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