The February 1, 2017 meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by Steve Fox at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Club Meeting Room. Board members in attendance were Bob Rivenes, Nancy Beatty, and Bob Henderson. Members in attendance were Margaret Thomson, Ron & Karen Sasher, Leo & Ruth Hoffman, Bill Geiger, Bill & Carolyn Hineline, Nancy Galle, Peter DiMasi, Jerry McClain, and Mark & Barb Caramanna. 

Minutes: The minutes of the January meeting were emailed and posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood commons. They also appear in the Golf Hammock web site. A motion to accept the minutes as published was unanimously approved. If a member would like a printed copy of the minutes, please contact Bob Rivenes 385-5790. 

Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Beatty reported that with $40,866.91 in the treasury starting January and with $96,426 in income and $21,030.00 in expenses (lawn maintenance and miscellaneous), February starts with $116,396.91 in the treasury. A motion to approve the report was unanimously approved. 

President's Report: Steve noted that a former member, Lenny LeGault, has died. 

Please consider volunteering for the opening in the Board. 

Walkers are cautioned to be carrying a light when out in the dark mornings and evenings. 


Vice-President Report: No report 

Violations (Property Compliance): Bob notes that many homes need painting touch-ups to repair the signs of sprinkler fading. 

Bob asks that if you report a property violation, give him your name so that he may contact you if there is a need for further information. 


Tip of the Month – A monthly check of kitchen/bathroom and utility areas for mould. Check under sinks, around the back of toilets and shower units. Mould can cause respiratory problems and other related illnesses. Even check rubber and plastic toys of children and animals. Remember our area with its high humidity can host many types of bacterial growth. 


Architectural/Landscaping: No report 

Welcoming: No report.

Old Business: Karen Sasher’s committee has their plans under way to implement the annual picnic at noon on February 11, 2017. Remember to bring chairs, utensils and cups. 

New Business: None 

Meeting adjourned. The next scheduled Board meeting is March 1 at the GHOA facility at 4 pm. 

Bob Rivenes, Secretary 

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