The February 7, 2018 meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Ed Chroscinski at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Club Meeting Room.  Board Members in attendance were Ed Chroscinski, John Donohue, Joyce Lawrence, Bob Henderson, Carl Scaggs and Lillian Kachelries.  There were 22 residents in attendance including 6 Board members.

Minutes: The minutes of the January 3, 2018 meeting were emailed and posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood Commons.  The minutes were also on the Golf Hammock website.  A motion was made by Carl Scaggs and  seconded by Bob Henderson that we waive the reading of the January 3 minutes as there were no changes.  The motion was unanimously approved.  If a member would like a printed copy of the minutes, please contact Joyce Lawrence at 912-484-5534.


Treasurer’s Report:  There was no treasurer’s report as Nancy Beatty, the treasurer, was on vacation.


President’s Report:  Mr. Chroscinski reported that he is still trying to get his signature on the Association bank account since it requires 2 signatures.  He also introduced each of the Board members.


Vice-President report: Mr. Donohue reported that he had one complaint about the debris in the yard of 3100 Sugar Pine Circle which was left by the roofers. Our Compliance Officer, Bob Henderson, will contact the roofer to get it removed or contact the county to see who pulled the permit to have the new roof installed.  John also reported that Carl Scaggs fixed the lights on the entrance sign and together with Wayne Lembke  removed the old damaged bench and installed a new bench.  He expressed thanks on behalf of the Board for these improvements. He then gave a report concerning the Cormorant Point Homeowners Association Protected Covenants and Restrictions, By-laws , Rules,  Regulations and Clarifications which follows these minutes in 3 pages. He will give a progress report next month.


Violations (Property Compliance): Mr. Henderson indicated that many contacts have been made with various Comorant Point homeowners regarding compliance issues.  Mr. Henderson passed to Mr. Donohue a list of contractors if anyone needs help trying to find someone to do work for them.  He also said that if anyone has a complaint to call him at 863-385-8192.  His report also follows these minutes.


Architectural/Landscaping: Mr. Scaggs reported 2 permits were approved.  He has been asked to be on the Golf Hammock Drainage Committee Board because of his experience.  He stated that the entrance to Cormorant Point will be graded to drain and have new turf installed next year.


Welcoming: Lillian Kachrelries reported there were 2 new owners;  Al and Bonnie South at 3500 Cormorant Point Drive and JoAnn Collier at 3214 Waterwood Drive.


Old Business:  John Donohue asked if the Association had an audit each year.  There was a discussion concerning having a group of residents and/or a CPA inspect the books before the Annual Meeting next year. Keith Coultas stated that this was in the By-Laws.  Bob Henderson asked about having a discussion with Nancy Beatty about an audit this year.  He also asked if the Association filed a non-profit tax return each year.  It was stated that Nancy Beatty should be consulted since no one at the meeting knew about a non-profit tax return.


Karen Sasher reported that everything was all set for the picnic Saturday February 10.   She asked Ed if he would introduce the Board Members since most of them are new this year.  She also reminded the members that they do not have to bring anything to the picnic because it is all provided.      


Ed Chroscinski stated that we have 208 homes in Cormorant Point and today we had 16 members and 6 Board members in attendance.  This is only 9 percent of residents that attended the Board meeting including 6 Board members. We should get our friends and neighbors to attend.  The Board would appreciate your attendance and input at the Board Meeting.  It only makes us a stronger community. 


New Business:  There was a discussion that we need to have a sign made to announce the Board Meetings. 

Ed Chroscinski thanked all those who helped distribute flyers concerning the picnic and he thanked those who have volunteered to help at the picnic.


Keith Coultas brought up about changes in the by-laws and amendments and that they needed to be filed with the State.  He also mentioned  that the Secretary and Vice President needed to have laptop computers. It was determined by the Board that they were not necessary. 

Diane Coultas stated that in repairing lawn damage the lawns have to be replaced with sod not seed.  Carl Scaggs said that the Covenant states that you cannot overseed you must put down sod.

It was also stated that Kevin Stokes did tree trimming work after the hurricane if anyone needs work. 


A motion was made by Ed Chroscinski and seconded by John Henderson to adjourn the meeting and the motion carried.  The next scheduled meeting is March 7, 2018 at the Golf Hammock meeting room at 4:00 pm.


Joyce Lawrence, Secretary


Cormorant Point Meeting February 7, 2018

Compliance Report for the past month:


  • Trash and recycle containers front of house

  • Boat and truck on grass Cormorant Drive

  • Dog issues various

  • Lake Judy trespassing youngsters fishing

  • Driveway stains

  • Tilted flag pole

  • Roof work continuing very well



  • Resident Recreation signage Cormorant Pond North End

  • Lake Marlene West End


Bob’s Tip of Month:

Due to the recent automobile break in a week ago on Cormorant Drive it is suggested to lock all your car doors parked outside regardless of day or night.

Bob Henderson

Property Compliance

Vice President Report:



Association's governing documentation isn't up to date as of 30 January 2018



  • No one source is providing accurate documentation to homeowners (Golf Hammock web

  • site, Director's Welcoming Committee, local realtors)

  • No one copy held by source providers is identical to any other

  • Compliance inspections are being performed without accurate, up to date set Bylaws

  • Probable confusion/ignorance by interested homeowners regarding what are the Cormorant Point rules and regulations

What Is Wrong​:

  • Misunderstanding on what are Bylaws (not just the addendum)

  • Missing pages (e.g. Definitions)

  • Landscape change approvals vary in number of approval signatures

  • Pagination is different depending on which version of the governing document the homeowners hold

  • Selected provisions removed without a board approved amending action

  • Approved amendments not included in document updates

  • Unrecorded amendments

  • Outdated forms

  • Inconsistencies between text and forms

  • Outdated provisions within the governing documents

  • Provisions not being followed (audits, verification of occupancy, etc.)

  • Missing Schedule A (?)


Near Term Path Forward:

  • Produce a Refined Bylaw Assessment

  • Visit Courthouse and try to obtain copies of notarized amendments

  • Locate 2009 digitized Bylaws Copies (Done)

  • Gather up a list of approved Bylaw Amendments since 2009

  • Construct a cut and paste of updated Bylaws (base plus previously approved amendments)

  • Adjudicate amendment conflicts of interest with current Cormorant Board of Directors

  • Register and publish a "clean" set of Bylaws

  • Launch into new effort to further clean up of Bylaws by updating old provisions which are no longer applicable

John Donohue


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