The September 6, 2017 meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by Steve Fox at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Club Meeting Room. Board members in attendance were Bob Rivenes, Nancy Beatty, Lillian Kachelries, and Ed Chroscinski. Members in attendance were Lionel & Joyce Lawrence and John & Marisa Donohue. 

Minutes: The minutes of the May 3 meeting were emailed and posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood commons. They also appear in the Golf Hammock web site. A motion to accept the minutes as published was unanimously approved. If a member would like a printed copy of the minutes, please contact Bob Rivenes 385-5790. 


Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Beatty reported that with $91,559.48 in the treasury starting August and with $4470 in income and $14,227 in expenses (lawn maintenance and miscellaneous), September started with $81,802.48 in the treasury. A motion to approve the report was unanimously approved. A complete report including the three summer months is attached. 


President's Report: Steve Fox for personal reasons offered his resignation as President effective immediately, noting his nine and a half years of service His final duty was to appoint Ed Chroscinski as his replacement for the remainder of his term.. Ed accepted the appointment which was approved by the Board and said he would seek the nomination at the Annual meeting for a three year term. Ed will continue to serve as Property Compliance Chairman until a replacement is secured. Steve will assist the Board unofficially where-ever needed. 


Vice-President Report: No report 


Violations (Property Compliance): No report 


Architectural/Landscaping: A satellite dish and a patio extention were approved. 


Welcoming: Four visits were made and one is pending. 


Old Business: Please consider serving on the Board next year. 


New Business: John Donohue volunteered to serve as Vice-President for the remainder of the year and will agree to be nominated for a three year term at the Annual meeting. 


Meeting adjourned. The next scheduled Board meeting is October 4 at the GHOA facility at 4 pm. 


Bob Rivenes, Secretary 


New Members

John and Marisa Donohue, Golf Haven Terrace (formerly Steve & Cheryl Weaver) 

Gene and Sherry Statler, Summertree Drive (formerly Carl & Imogene Stevenson) 

September 2017 Financial Statement

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