The September 5, 2018 Meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Ed Chroscinski at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Meeting Room.  Board members in attendance were Ed Chroscinski,  John Donohue,  Joyce Lawrence, Carl Scaggs, and Lillian Kachelries.  There were 10 homeowners in attendance and Mrs. Deb Steuer, Secretary of the Golf Hammock Homeowners Association.


MINUTES: The minutes of the April 4, 2018 meeting were emailed and posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood Commons.  The minutes were also posted on the Golf Hammock website.  The minutes were approved as written and unanimously accepted.  


TREASURER’S REPORT:  There was no Treasurer’s report given as Mrs. Beatty was out of town.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Mr. Chroscinski stated that the needed repairs had been made to the roof damaged by the hurricane and as far as he knows all damage caused by the hurricane in the community has been corrected. 

There is one homeowner who has not paid maintenance fees in over a year.  Our attorney has advised the homeowner that a lien will be placed on the property to collect the money that is owed.  He also stated there is one homeowner who has walked away from his house and given it to the bank.  He will speak to Mrs. Beatty, our Treasurer, to contact our attorney and have a lien also put on this property

He wants to remind everyone that the speed limit in Cormorant Point is 25 mph.


VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Mr. Donohue stated that he had been having several health problems, but that he would remain on the Board as long as possible.  He spoke of his concern about the drainage issues and standing water in our neighborhood and our inability to drain it off and make our neighborhood more attractive.  We have talked previously about Golf Hammock’s responsibility.

He stated that he had a running issue with Bible Fellowship Church.  The problem is the use of the basketball court in off-hours.  Last Saturday there were teenagers playing basketball at 10:40 pm.  All of us are over 55 years old and tend to go to bed earlier.  It has been brought to the attention of the church.  

He reminded everyone that at the last Board meeting in April he had been reviewing the By-laws.  He said there are 14 amendments that need to be reviewed and we need to look at the By-laws as a whole.   He stated that when he feels better there needs to be a special meeting of the Board to go through the amendments one by one.  

He stated that in the selling of a home on Golf Haven Terrace the seller had to replace a garage door and it does not comply with the amendments.  Mrs. Kachelries  stated that the new owners are not here yet. 

He talked concerning branches and debris caused by last week’s thunderstorm.  Our landscaping company picked up some branches and placed them at the street so the trash removal company that we have can remove them.  However, it should be noted that it is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of the branches.



A.  CORRESPONDENCE:  There was no report.

​B.  VIOLATIONS/PROPERTY COMPLIANCE:  Mr.  Henderson is not here for this report.


C.  ARCHITECTURAL/LANDSCAPING:  Mr. Scaggs stated that he is here full time now.  While he was gone there were 10 permits issued.  He expressed his thanks to Mr. Chroscinski and Mr. Donohue for their help in getting the permits processed.  He has processed 1 permit since returning.  He stated there are still issues with people doing things without a permit.


He has been researching the contracts with Sunny South Exterminators of Highlands County and Lawn Masters of Highlands County.  There was a discussion about spraying for dollarweed.  All yards do not need to be sprayed for dollarweed.  However, some yards have nothing but dollar weed.  If they were sprayed it would kill everything in the yard.  It was determined to leave the spraying for dollar weed up to the homeowner.  We now spend $40,788.00 per year at $6798.00 per spraying.  This includes fertilizer, greening agents and pesticide.  They service for chinch bugs, armyworms and sodweb worms.  They spray 6 times per year.  Mr. Scaggs made a motion for the contract which would be $40,788.00 per year for one year and would roll over each year with acceleration included.   Mrs. Kachelries seconded the motion and the motion carried to accept the contract.

There was a discussion concerning lawn maintenance and the removal of debris.   Mr. Scaggs made a motion to submit a Request for Quote to Mr. Jim Dubberly of Lawn Masters of Highlands County.  Mr. Donohue seconded the motion and the motion carried.


Mr. Scaggs said that lawns should not be watered at this time.  If you are not here year round, then you need to have someone look after you property.  It is raining enough to keep lawns watered sufficiently.  There was discussion concerning water drainage.  Watering of lawns only adds to the drainage problems that we already have.  Plants and rocks have been placed blocking the swell and this keeps the water from draining also.   Golf Hammock is supposed to start work on the pipes this fall. However, at this time the ground is too wet to begin work.  Mrs. Deb Steuer, Secretary for Golf Hammock, stated that letters would be sent out to all homeowners about when the work would start and what the responsibility of the homeowner will be.


D.  WELCOMING:   Mrs. Kachelries  reported that over the summer we have had the following new homeowners:  Bonnie Nigh, Emiliano & Sandra Lebron, Marian Bullard, Phyllis Klepser, Donald & Barbara Musolf, Theodore & Darlene Gryczewski, Virginia Lund and John & Hilda Waddell.

OLD BUSINESS:   Mr. Chroscinski stated that our Vice-President, Mr. Donohue, is doing a great job reviewing the By-laws and getting them updated.  Mr. Chroscinski gave each Board Member a copy of the amendments to review before the next Board Meeting.  There will be a vote on the amendments at the next Board Meeting.  We also need to include getting the Violation Letter updated.  Our attorney informed Mr. Chroscinski that if we penalize people that do not keep their house and property according to Cormorant Point requirements we must send 2 letters.  One is to be sent regular mail and one is to be sent Registered Mail.  This would be 2 months in a row.


NEW BUSINESS:  Mr. Chroscinski said that the restaurant at the Golf Hammock Clubhouse would re-open on October 1, 2018 with the hours 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.  They will serve full dinners.  They will also deliver pizza on Friday nights. 


On November 9, 2018 from 4:00 to 8:00pm there will be a free food give-away.  You would have to pay for your own drinks.  Any tips will be donated to the Veterans Administration. 

Mr. Chroscinski encouraged everyone to patronize this restaurant.   He recommended that we have a Cormorant Point night at the restaurant once a month so that we can get to know our neighbors.  We would need to collect the money in advance to be sure that everyone would show up.  We still need to work out some of the details.

Mr. Scaggs said that the outside post lights need to be on at night.  This would help new homeowners especially.


MEMBER COMMENTS:   Mrs. Deb Steuer, the Secretary at Golf Hammock, stated there would be a Meet and Greet of coffee and donuts at the Clubhouse on October 6, 2018 at 9:00 am for all new residents from January to current.  She has prepared a historical letter about Golf Hammock and Cormorant Point with information about the area to be handed out to new residents.  They would like 2 members of the Cormorant Point Board to be there to greet and answer questions.  Letters went out to the new residents about the Meet and Greet. 

She explained that everyone is under Golf Hammock. However, Cormorant Point has its own Board of Directors with additional rules.  She encourages everyone to go to the website and register their email address in order to get the Newsletters and Shout-outs.  She would like to have information from Cormorant Point to go in the Newsletter – for instance there needs to be a permit form filled out and approved in order to have certain things done on your property.  She is also interested in any happenings or news events in Cormorant Point to go in the Newsletter.  This information needs to get to her by the 15th of the month.  Mr. Scaggs said he also would write something to go in the Newsletter.  There was a discussion concerning the Board members at Golf Hammock.  Mrs. Steuer said there were enough Board members for a quorum.

ADJOURNMENT: Mr. Donohue made a motion to adjourn.  It was seconded by Mr. Scaggs.  The meeting was adjourned. 


Joyce Lawrence


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