The April 3, 2019 Meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by Vice-President Marian Bullard at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Activity Building. Board members in attendance were Marian Bullard, Bob Henderson, Lillian Kachelries and Joyce Lawrence. The meeting did not have a quorum. There were 6 residents in attendance.

Minutes:  The minutes of the March 6, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting were emailed, posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood Commons and also posted on the Golf Hammock website. A motion was made by Mrs. Bullard and seconded by Mrs. Kachelries to accept the minutes as written. The motion carried.


Treasurers Report:  The Treasurer’s Report was read by Mrs. Bullard.


Started March                           $124,164.48

Maintenance Fee income                2,160.00



Lawn Maintenance                        14,571.00

Sunny South                                    6,798.00

Landscape Maintenance                     80.00

Mileage to Nancy                                 12.00

Total April 1, 2019                    $104,863.48

There was a question concerning how many non-payments for maintenance fees do we have. Mrs. Beatty was not at the meeting. We will ask her at the next meeting.


President’s Report:  Mrs. Bullard read the President’s Report. Mr. Chroscinski reported ”It’s been an uneventful month, lawyer has not gotten back to me regarding wording for proxy ballots, because of this we could not move forward on our committee’s revitalization plan and now we may have to put off further action until the fall due to cost involved in mailing the 2019 edition of the Covenants and By-laws to all lot holders.” He reminded all lot owners that it is not acceptable to store yard waste behind their homes. He was approached by some lot owners with a complaint regarding unapproved flower beds. He looked into this and found no basis for their complaint.

Vice-President report:  There was no report for this month.

Property Compliance:  Mr. Henderson reported:

  1. He informed 10 residents that their driveways needed pressure washing.

  2. The By-laws state that pets shall always be leashed when exterior to dwelling.

  3. Lerma Landscape trimmed the palm trees and removed debris from 3917 Cormorant Point Drive. He spoke to the person watching this property for the owner. It was stated the owner has not been here in 14 years but wishes to continue to own the property. He explained that there are several items out of compliance on the property and requested they be passed on to the owner.

  4. He had continuing complaints of vehicles parking on the grass and also non-residents fishing around the CP pond.

  5. He spoke to a resident on Cormorant Point Drive concerning ruts made during construction. The resident stated sod will be placed in the area.

  6. He stated he will leave the end of the month and if anyone would like to assume his position it would be appreciated. He suggested if anyone had a complaint to please contact any board member.


Architectural/Landscaping: There was no report this month.


Welcoming:  Mrs. Kachelries reported she had not visited anyone this month. She stated she saw a U-Haul truck on Waterwood Drive and she would visit them next week. Mr. Henderson stated they would be permanent residents.


Old Business:  Mr. Vanhavermaat asked if the grass was mowed every week. He stated that a few weeks ago the yard was mowed on the other side of Cormorant Point Drive but not on his side of the street. He was told the grass is mowed every week. He stated the grass in the swale in his yard has not been mowed and is tall. Mr. Henderson said he would talk to Mr. Dubberly on Thursday concerning both of these issues.

There was a discussion concerning placing trash containers on the driveways not on the lawn. Brush can be placed on the grass. Ginger Harris has a new schedule for trash and bulk pick-up. She will email a copy to Mrs. Lawrence and Mrs. Bullard. It was asked if a copy could be placed on the Bulletin Board.


New Business: There was no New Business.

Mrs. Bullard made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Mrs. Kachelries. The motion carried.


The next meeting will be May 1, 2019 at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Activity Building.

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