January 3, 2018 Annual Meeting


The January 3, 2018 Annual Meeting of Cormorant Point Homeowners Association was called to order at 4pm by President Ed Chroscinski in the Golf Hammock meeting room. Board members in attendance were, Nancy Beatty, Lillian Kachelries, Bob Henderson, Carl Scaggs and, Joyce Lawrence. Members in attendance were Keith and Diane Coultas, Val Biancalana, Alice Rebec, Judy Boudia, Bill Hineline, Heddy Scaggs, and Lionel Lawrence.


Mr. Chroscinski asked if there were any changes or additions to the minutes of the last annual meeting.  There being none, a motion was made to accept the minutes as published.  Motion carried.


There was a discussion by Mr. Chroscinski concerning the officers for this year. There was a motion by Mr. Chroscinski and a second by Lilliian Kachelries and unanimously approved to accept the officers as following: Ed Chroscinski - President, John Donahue – Vice President, Joyce Lawrence – Secretary, Nancy Beatty – Treasurer, Carl Scaggs – Landscape/Architecture, Bob Henderson – Compliance, Lillian Kachelries – Welcoming.


Mr. Chroscinski thanked Steve Fox and Bob Rivenes for their years of service. 


Treasurer Nancy Beatty reported that December 2017 started with $51,865.48 with an income of $3,150.00 and expenditures of $14,670.50 leaving a balance of $40,344.98.  For details see the attached financial spreadsheet.


Mr. Chroscinski read a note from Jim Dubberly thanking the Association for the $500.00 Christmas bonus. Mr. Chroscinski recommended that beginning in 2018 The Christmas bonus be $1000.00.  There was a motion by Mr. Chroscinski, seconded by Lillian Kachelries and unanimously approved by the Board to make the Christmas Bonus for 2018 $1000.00.  


The next Annual Meeting will be held In January 2019 with the exact date and time to be announced later in the year.  There being no further business a motion was made by Lillian Kachelries and seconded by Carl Scaggs to adjourn the Annual Meeting. 



Joyce Lawrence, Secretary

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