The October 3, 2018 Meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Ed Chroscinski at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Meeting Room.  Board members in attendance were Ed Chroscinski, John Donohue, Joyce Lawrence, Carl Scaggs, Bob Henderson and Lillian Kachelries.  There were 10 homeowners in attendance.   Mr. Jim Dubberly, President of Lawn Masters of Highlands, Inc. was present at the opening of the meeting and thanked the Board for the 31 years that he has been here taking care of all of our lawns.


MINUTES: The minutes of the September 5, 2018 meeting were emailed and posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood Commons.  The minutes were also posted on the Golf Hammock website.  The minutes were approved as written and unanimously accepted.  


TREASURER’S REPORT:  The Treasurer’s Report was read by President Ed Chroscinski.  See attachment.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Mr. Chroscinski reported that there is 1 house that the owner has walked away from and has turned over to the bank.  We cannot actually do anything until the Bank forecloses.  At that time we will file for a lien for maintenances fees and any other expenses incurred. 

There was a discussion concerning the Covenants and Bylaws which Mr. Donohue has been reviewing.  These will be addressed during the Vice-President’s report . Mr. Chroscinski stated that there would be a Board Meeting within the next few days to go over each amendment individually and then present the complete review to the homeowners.                                           


VICE-PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Mr. Donohue wanted to thank the Board for allowing him to serve on the Cormorant Point Homeowners Board.  At this time he has offered his resignation to the Board for health reasons.

Mr. Donohue reported that there is an on-going problem with people using the basketball court late at night at Bible Fellowship Church.  Church management has been made aware of the situation.  Mr. Donohue has concerns about the church parking on Cormorant Point homeowner’s property behind the hedge.

Mr. Donohue recommended that a professional auditing firm be hired to evaluate our books to be sure that we are in compliance.


Mr. Donohue provided an updated copy of the Protected Covenants, Amended Bylaws and Bylaw Addendum to each of the Board members.


Mr. Donohue expressed his concern about violations in the neighborhood.  During New Business he will ask the Board to take care of these violations.   This will also be discussed during the Violation Director’s report.  


There was a motion made by Mr. Scaggs and seconded by Mrs. Kachelries to accept the Vice-President’s Report and his resignation.  The motion carried.


VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Mr. Donohue stated that he had been having several health problems, but that he would remain on the Board as long as possible.  He spoke of his concern about the drainage issues and standing water in our neighborhood and our inability to drain it off and make our neighborhood more attractive.  We have talked previously about Golf Hammock’s responsibility.

He stated that he had a running issue with Bible Fellowship Church.  The problem is the use of the basketball court in off-hours.  Last Saturday there were teenagers playing basketball at 10:40 pm.  All of us are over 55 years old and tend to go to bed earlier.  It has been brought to the attention of the church.  

He reminded everyone that at the last Board meeting in April he had been reviewing the By-laws.  He said there are 14 amendments that need to be reviewed and we need to look at the By-laws as a whole.   He stated that when he feels better there needs to be a special meeting of the Board to go through the amendments one by one.  

He stated that in the selling of a home on Golf Haven Terrace the seller had to replace a garage door and it does not comply with the amendments.  Mrs. Kachelries  stated that the new owners are not here yet. 

He talked concerning branches and debris caused by last week’s thunderstorm.  Our landscaping company picked up some branches and placed them at the street so the trash removal company that we have can remove them.  However, it should be noted that it is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of the branches.



A.  VIOLATIONS/PROPERTY COMPLIANCE:  Mr. Henderson mentioned that there were currently 2 violations:  a trailer parked at 3819 Golf Haven Terrace and overgrown shrubbery and trees behind 3926 Cormorant Point Drive.  Mr. Henderson stated that he normally contacts the owner verbally, by phone or email.  If the problem is not corrected a letter would then be sent and then a fine would be imposed. Since the Board Meeting, Mr. Henderson contacted the owner of 3926 Cormorant Point Drive and he stated that he would be here in approximately 2 weeks and would take care of the problem. 


Mr. Henderson stated that he would contact the owner concerning the trailer at 3819 Golf Haven Terrace.  


Mr. Henderson wants all the homeowners to know that Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off sale on paint October 16 through 19.  Anyone needing paint may want to take advantage of this sale.


Mr. Henderson will be out of town until approximately the first week of November.  


Mr. Henderson’s “Tip of the Month”  Continue to be vigilant for strangers and unsolicited contractors.

There was a comment from a homeowner concerning the appearance of the main entrance to Golf Hammock.  It was explained that work will begin before the end of October to repair, paint, cut trees and shrubs, etc.  Golf Hammock Board has been and continues to replace the Golf Hammock entrance.


Mr. Chroscinski spoke concerning the drainage problem on Cormorant Point Drive.  Golf Hammock has plans on their agenda for 2019 to redo the swells on both sides of Cormorant Point Drive.  They will cut the swells back to where they should be and this will go all the way to the culverts so the water should then drain like it is supposed to.  They do not want to put a pipe in because of the roots of the trees on both sides of the street.  If a pipe is installed then the owner would have to pay to have the tree removed because of the root interference.



Mr. Scaggs reported that he had 5 permits during the month. He mentioned that he wrote an article for the Golf Hammock Newsletter concerning the things that a permit would be needed for.  Mrs. Kachelries is now giving all new owners a copy.

Mr. Scaggs stated that he has a contract for lawn maintenance which will be discussed during New Business.


C.  WELCOMING:   Mrs. Kachelries reported she visited 1 new owner this month:  Kim Murchie at 3513 Golf Haven Terrace.  She stated there is 1 more new owner that she will see as soon as possible.

OLD BUSINESS:   Mr. Chroscinski stated that Bible Fellowship Church had been contacted concerning the noise on the basketball court at night.  He said there is nothing that we can do about it, because the basketball court is on church property.  Also, we, as the Board, cannot do anything about people parking on the grass.  If an owner wants to pursue it they can do it on their own.



Mr. Donohue presented a motion to issue an immediate violation letter to the owner of 3926 Cormorant Point Drive to clean up the backyard with a 2 month period of performance for renovation after which a $100.00 per day fine would be imposed.  The motion was amended for Mr. Henderson to first contact the owner personally verbally either by phone or email.  If the problem is not corrected then proceed with the established procedure of sending 2 letters 1 certified and 1 uncertified.  The amended motion carried unanimously.    

Mr. Donohue presented a motion to issue an immediate violation letter to the owner of 2819 Golf Haven Terrace for immediate removal of the construction trailer with a 5 day grace period after which a $100.00 per day fine would be imposed.

The motion was amended for Mr. Henderson to personally contact the owner by phone or email.  If the problem is not corrected then proceed with the established procedure of sending 2 letters 1 certified and 1 uncertified.   The amended motion carried.

Mr. Chroscinski stated that special exceptions could be granted in certain circumstances by the Board where major renovation is being done.  In this case, the owner must contact a member of the Board before the exception could be granted.


Mr. Donohue made a motion to contact Bible Fellowship Church concerning the use of the basketball court in off hours and cars parking beyond church property.  The motion was denied by a 5 to 1 vote.


A motion made by Mr. Donohue regarding the Bylaws and Bylaw Addendum was Tabled until next month. Mr. Donohue gave a flash drive to Mrs. Lawrence that has a copy of the documents that was handed out to the Board.


Mr. Donohue made a motion to hire a professional auditor to review the Cormorant Point Homeowners Association 2017 financials.  The Board decided to handle the audit internally.  The Board will be looking for volunteers to form a committee of 3 people to audit the financials.  The motion carried.


The Board approved the new 3 year contract with Lawn Masters of Highlands County with a rate increase of 3 percent not to exceed 3 percent per year.


The Board wants to remind everyone that the Golf Hammock restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and encouraged everyone to patronize the restaurant.

ADJOURNMENT: There was a motion by Mr. Donohue and seconded by Mr. Henderson to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried. 


Joyce Lawrence


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