The November 2, 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Steve Fox at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Club Meeting Room. Other Board members present: Bob Rivenes, Ed Chroscinski, Lillian Kachelries, and Nancy Beatty. Members in attendance were Margaret Thomson, Nancy Galle, Bob Henderson, David & Judy Boudia, Jerry McClain, Leo & Ruth Hoffman, Alice Rebec, Ron & Karen Sasher, and Bill & Carolyn Hineline. 

Minutes:  The minutes of the October meeting were emailed and posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood commons. They also appear in the Golf Hammock web site. A motion to accept the minutes as published was unanimously approved. 


If a member would like a printed copy of the minutes, please contact Bob Rivenes 385-5790. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Nancy Beatty reported that we started the month of October with $57,939.37 in the checking account so that with receipts of $24,530 and expenses (for lawn maintenance and miscellanies) of $14,315, the balance in the account at end of the month was $68,153.97. A motion to approve the report was unanimously approved. A full report is attached. 


Nancy has volunteered for another 3 year term as Treasurer. 


President’s Report:  A note was received from the Dubberly family acknowledging the Association’s flower arrangement in memory if Jim’s father’s passing. 

First notice of the annual picnic at noon on Dec. 10 for which food and tea will be provided . Bring your own chairs and utensils and bottles. Volunteers are needed for tables and grill setup on Friday the 9th and take-down on Monday the 12. Contact Steve Fox to sign up. 

Vice-President Report: No report.

Violations (Property Compliance):  Bob Henderson has kindly volunteered for another term as Chairman. 


Bob’s tip of the month: Vehicle drivers should be using turn signals for all turns in CP and everywhere else. 

Architectural/Landscaping:  A request to add screening to a patio was approved.  

Welcoming:  One new family was visited. 

Old Business: None. 

New Business: None. 

Member Comments:  George Kibe, Golf Hammock President, related the plans of that association to care for the flooding swales problem next year.

Meeting adjourned. The next scheduled Board meeting will be December 7 at the GHOA facility at 4 pm. 


Bob Rivenes, Secretary 


With regret we learned of the death of Joe Kanson of Golf Haven Terrace. Our sympathies to his wife Sue their family and friends. 


New Members:

Dan and Arianna Burke, Golf Haven Terrace (formerly Ted & Terry McCord).

November 2016 Financial Statement

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