January 6, 2016 Meeting Minutes


The January 6, 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Steve Fox at 4:30 pm in the Golf Hammock Club Meeting Room. Other Board members present: Bob Rivenes, Ed Chroscinski, Lillian Kachelries, Keith Coultas, Nancy Beatty, and Alex Harding. Members in attendance were Bob Henderson. Margaret Thomson, Nancy Galle, Diane Coultas, Ron & Karen Sasher, Leo & Ruth Hoffman, Peter DiMasi, Lydia Harding, Terri & Mike Maynard, Carol Chappel, Natalie Steele, Noretta Harris, AC & Glenna Hollar, Al & Betsy Pasinella, Rosemary Kunz, Carl & Heddy Scaggs, Tom & Jan Patterson, Sara LeBean, Bill Geiger, and Craig Smith. 


Minutes: The minutes of the December meeting were emailed and posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood commons. They also appear in the Golf Hammock web site. A motion to accept the minutes as published was unanimously approved. If a member would like a printed copy of the minutes, please contact Bob Rivenes 385-5790.


Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Beatty reported that we started the month of December with $47,402.11 in the checking account so that with receipts of $27,596.26 and expenses (for lawn maintenance and miscellanies including the picnic) of $16107.89, the balance in the account at end of the month was $58,890.48. A motion to approve the report was unanimously approved. A full report is attached.


President's Report: We are still bothered by members performing noisy outdoor tasks on Sunday in violation of the Bylaws. Please cooperate by saving such jobs for the rest of the week thus making our Sunday a day of rest. The annual picnic is scheduled for Dec. 12. A number of members have responded by signing up to help on various aspects of the preparation. A flyer will delivered house to house with details and other helpful community information. 


Vice-President Report: Keith thanked the many volunteers helping with annual picnic, which with an attendance of over 125, was a great success (see the Annual Meeting report for more details).


Violations (Property Compliance): Alex repeated the Sunday activity problem. He suggested that rather than always reporting violations to the Board, members are free to resolve such problems directly with the offending party. He noted that some satellite dishes need painting.


Architectural/Landscaping: No report.


Welcoming: Two visits are pending. 


Old Business: Nancy noted that the bulletin board at Waterwood commons is available for posting of information from members. Contact her to arrange for special postings. Speeding is still a problem which will be referred to the Golf Hammock Board


New Business: After a discussion over the meaning of “no work on Sunday”, a preliminary wording of the Bylaw was moved by Keith, seconded and approved. The final version will be presented for approval at the next Board meeting.


Member Comments: The Board members were thanked for their efforts.


Meeting adjourned. The next scheduled Board meeting is February 3 at the GHOA facility at 4:00 pm. 


Bob Rivenes, Secretary 



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