Cormorant Point Home Owners Assciation

October 7, 2015 Meeting Minutes


The October 7, 2015 meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Steve Fox at 4:00 pm in the Golf Hammock Club Meeting Room. Other Board members present: Bob Rivenes, Nancy Beatty and Alex Harding. Members and guests in attendance: Lydia Harding, Leo & Ruth Hoffman, Rosemary Kunz, Bill & Carolyn Hineline, Alice Rebec, and Bill Anderson (Golf Hammock guest).


Minutes: The minutes of the September meeting were emailed and posted on our bulletin board on the Waterwood commons. They also appear in the Golf Hammock web site. A motion to accept the minutes as published was unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Beatty reported that we started the month of September with $67,409.11 in the checking account so that with receipts of $8550 (included were reimbursement for fines) and expenses (for lawn maintenance and miscellanies) of $21,445, the balance in account at end of the month was $54,514.11. A motion to approve the report was unanimously approved.

Nancy was recently elected the Golf Hammock Board to administer Lakes and Ponds.


President's Report: An unidentified member was reported as not picking up dog droppings. We will be on the lookout for any repeated violation activity.


The annual picnic is scheduled for Dec. 12. We are seeking help for the table set-up on Dec. 11.
Steve reported many incidents of Sunday contractor activity which is strictly prohibited.


Homeowners are responsible for advising their contractors or delivery firms that deliveries or activities (including member use of power tools outside) are not permitted on Sunday without Board approval. A motion was made by Steve, seconded and approved by unanimous vote that such activity may result in a fine of $100 against the homeowner for such a violation.


Vice-President Report: No report.


Violations (Property Compliance): Homeowners who gone from their property for a protracted period

must arrange for landscape maintenance in their absence. Architectural/Landscaping: No report.
Welcoming: Visits to four new members were made.


Old Business: None


New Business: The problem of potential cancellation of the club house rental will be discussed at the upcoming GH meeting. The majority of those present favor continued rental.


Member Comments: An unleashed dog was reported bothering a walking member. County regulations require that dogs outside the home must be leashed.
Speeding incidents were observed on Cormorant Point Drive. It was suggested that we post a speed limit sign (25 MPH) at the entrance to our subdivision.


It is recommended that garage doors be closed when they are unattended.


Meeting adjourned. The next scheduled Board meeting is November 4 at the GHOA facility at 4:00 pm.


Bob Rivenes, Secretary


New Homeowners

  • Pia Giorgione & Floyd Walbert, Waterwood Drive (formerly Delores Maloy) 

  • Mary Ann Little, Cormorant Point Drive (formerly Michael Lamp)

  • Randy & Georgena Hord, Waterwood Drive (formerly Larry & Bonnie Faulman)


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