Golf Hammock Annual Membership Meeting
January 16, 2016
Meeting Minutes


(These minutes have been reviewed by the Board of Directors on February 8, 2016 and were considered an accurate recording of the proceedings.  Final approval by the membership will occur at the annual membership meeting in January 2017).


Call to Order:  President George Kibe called the meeting to order at 2:00 P.M.


Roll Call:  Members present: George Kibe, Mark Walczak, Victor Divietro, Rose Chupka Cookman, Shirley Kuznarik, Nancy Beatty, J.P. Fane, Connie Wilhite   (Absent:  Millie Anderson)


Proof of Notice of Meeting:  Meeting date/time listed on website, newsletter, and clubhouse display case since May 2015.  Signs posted at front/west entrances on 12/13/16. Agenda posted on website and clubhouse display case on 1/2/16.


Meeting Minutes:  January 2015 annual meeting minutes were distributed to the Board on December 14, 2015.  The following changes were discussed and noted to the first three paragraphs under “homeowner comments” as follows:
  1. A homeowner spoke against speed tables.

  2. Hardric responded by saying a range of options were being considered.

  3. A homeowner thanked the Board for all it does.

Minutes approved with changes noted.


Report of officers:
President–George Kibe,,tel:863-402-8203

The GHOA had multiple personal and other events that resulted in new directors.  Major issues included the decaying water removal infrastructure, escalating cost of lake, road and common ground maintenance, the 2016 budget, renewal of the leased “Clubhouse” space, and property assessments.  I would like to thank everyone who volunteered in 2015.  We were saddened by the loss of Dr. Sandra Todd this past year.  Dr. Todd was a true Golf Hammock advocate and she is missed.


Vice President–Mark Walczak,,tel:863-385-1658

I reviewed our by-laws and have performed the duties of this position accordingly.


Treasurer-Victor Divietro,,tel:863-381-4264 

The budget approved in 2015 projected revenues of $129,700 and expenses of $129,650 for a net income of $50.00.  The actual results for 2015 were revenues totaling $132,561.57 with expenses coming in at $145,903.99 for a negative net income of $13,342.42.  The increase in revenue from the budgeted amount was primarily due to increased collections of past due assessments.  The expenses exceeded budget due to an increase amount in paving and emergency repair to a culvert.  The association ended 2015 with cash on hand in the amount of $165,429.57.  


Secretary–Rose Chupka Cookman,,tel:863-385-2402

We had 1 annual; 1 reorganization, 8 general, 6 special meetings for a total of 16.  Minutes are on the website.  This is my last meeting as secretary.  I thank Jim Cookman who posted our meeting signs; Jim Cookman, Jim/Connie Wilhite, George/Becky Kibe who set up the meeting room monthly; and Millie Anderson, who acted as interim secretary this past summer.  Thanks to the election committee of Jim Cookman, Alexis Divietro and Jim Wilhite.


Report of Committees:  
Vacant Lots and Common Grounds:  Chairperson: Mark Walczak,,tel:863-658-1658 and Co-Chairperson: J.P.Fane,,tel:863-386-4809
  • A 2012 evaluation of the road network showed road paving/maintenance expenditures in excess of $600,000 over 20 years.  2015 paving cost over $60,000.  Signs were replaced/restored and potholes repaired.


  • An August expenditure of $9,000 for a culvert rebuild on Divot Road spurred an evaluation of the overall condition of our culverts and drainage system.  The evaluation concluded that our 40+ culverts continue to serve their intended purpose, however maintenance of these aging culverts must continue and ten of the culverts are nearing the end of their useful life.  Culvert maintenance and rebuilding for the coming year has been budgeted at $67,000.


  • Routine maintenance of our common grounds (lawn care, planting beds, hedge trimming, mulching, tree trimming, fertilization, insect control, etc.) was accomplished.  Irrigation systems were maintained and repaired, as needed.


  • There were several incidents of perimeter fence mending during the year, and 40’ of fencing along Duffer Road was replaced.  Submitted by:  Mark Walczak


Violations/Complaints: George Kibe,, tel:863-402-8203

There were over 60 violations/complaints this past year.  Most know they are in violation and comply when told.  


The following is a summary of violations/complaints noted in 2015:


14 Violations:  Storage of items on property (boats, Rvs, tires, trailers, vehicle on blocks, disabled equipment, etc)

12 Violations:  Lawn Care (overgrown weeds, landscaping, sodding)

3 Violations:  Uncontrolled Pets (off leashes, attacks etc)

3 Violations:  Common Ground Violations (dumping, parking, erecting temporary structures etc)

6 Violations:  Signs in Yards

4 Violations:  Vehicle Parking on Lawns

1 Violation:  Residence Condition (painting, broken windows, etc)

1 Violation:  Trespassing

1 Violation:  Speeding


Lakes/Ponds:  Nancy Beatty,,tel:863-382-6707

A committee was formed to oversee the lakes/ponds.  Problems continue and they are an ongoing process.  Cabomba and bogmoss are the major problems.  The prices are going up to spray them.  Aquatic Weed Control sprays the lakes/ponds and Crystal Clear Fountains, LLC takes care of the aerator on Lake Judy.    


Architecture: Shirley Kuznarik,,tel:863-382-3656  

This past year homeowners of Golf Hammock were busy.

Addition to homes, patio, pool and screen enclosures

Patio with Screen Enclosure

Swimming Pools


Fences New

Additions to existing fence

Homes were painted

Extend Walkways and driveway additions

New homes built 


Clubhouse: Shirley Kuznarik,,tel:863-382-3656  

The lease has been executed for two more years at the same rate of 400.00 per month, plus 50% of the electric bill.  

Wendy Hardy is our Clubhouse Coordinator.  The second, third and fourth Tuesday evening has a range from Bunco, cards and games.


We have had jewelry making classes, a walking group, holiday centerpiece classes, toy collection, purses for a purpose, clipping coupons for the military and plan to begin a knitting and crochet group.


Newsletter: Rose Chupka Cookman,,tel:863-385-2402  

We printed 8 newsletters.  In November, a motion was made to discontinue it, but no one seconded it.  So, it continues.  In 2016 we plan to revamp it.  The next one will be out week of Feb 22.  Thanks to Millie Anderson for writing several articles; and Jim Cookman and Connie Wilhite, my proofreaders.


Data Base/Directory/Website/Welcoming/Street Captains/Shout Out:
Connie Wilhite,,tel:863-658-1854

The Directory will be back from the printer this week, and volunteers will be distributing them in late January.  It cost $2,100 plus tax to print 800; however, ads collected for $2,199 offset the cost. 



Documents from the old website have been transferred to the new site.  A web page has been created for newsletters (current and earlier issues). A website traffic counter was set up with a free tracking app beginning of the first website.  However, due to high volume of traffic, log space exceeded the free limit and a premium must be paid monthly in order to continue; which is great news for web presence.  New features that will be implemented in the near future include the completion of the site map and the FAQ help center.  Documents posted on the website will have two format options:  Adobe reader (.pdf) and Microsoft word (.docx).  A mobile app will soon be designed to easily stay connected. 

Reminder:  If anyone is experiencing any issues with the new website, please contact me.  Starting February 1st, we will no longer have multiple email addresses (webmaster, GHOA Bay and general information).  Please use only.  This will ensure that all emails are received and answered timely.  Submitted by, Ruthie O’Neill, GHOA Webmaster


Street Captains

Cindy Bowser and Linda Schroeder are now the Street Captain Committee and will continue working with the Database person and Welcoming Committee.


Welcome Committee

Joyce Rowe has updated our Welcome Packet to be specific to people familiar with our area or for people just moving into the Highlands County area. Joyce will have specifics at the meeting on number of residents visited.


Welcoming Committee:  Joyce Rowe,,tel:863-385-4382

There were 26 welcome visits in 2015.  


Neighborhood Watch: Ivan Shapow,,tel:908-896-0580

President George reported that the Neighborhood Watch had a preliminary meeting with HCSO, but several homeowners responded negatively to the program.  The Board tabled this issue and will readdress it this year.


Motion to accept the reports:  George asked if there were any further discussion to the reports.  J.P. made a motion to approve them as read, Shirley seconded it and everyone (including homeowners) unanimously voted on them.


Election of Officers:

Number of proxies received – 255

Number of ballots cast –13

Quorum needed – 232 

Total number of votes cast – 268


New board members introduced:

Nancy Beatty

Robert (Bob) Schroeder

Marge Schindewolf (unable to attend)


Old Business:  None from last year’s membership meeting.


New Business:  None


Homeowner Comments and concerns:

Approximately 37 homeowners were present.  Comments ranged to speeding, wanting a new speed survey, why the Board cannot fix the speeding problem, dogs not welcomed on common property, what are the rules for sheds, when will the “pod” be moved, when will the Comorant Point curbing be fixed near their entrance sign, and have a shout out sent when the newsletter goes on the website. 


Next Meeting:  The January 2016 Board Meeting will follow this meeting.


Motion to adjourn: Rose made a motion to adjourn; Shirley seconded it; voted unanimously by everyone present, including homeowners.  The meeting ended at 3:05 P.M.


Submitted by:  Rose Chupka Cookman, Outgoing Secretary